How to annoy your allies.

Ah, US Immigration. One of the reasons I actively avoid going there. For the record, I do have a current Visa Waiver: I needed it because I was flying on Air NZ 2 last year: the plane left Auckland, landed at LAX, and we were all trooped through US Homeland Security before getting on the … Continue reading How to annoy your allies.


This was the first workout of the day. Lt Tim O’Donnell, 28, was serving as part of the New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team in the Bamyan Province, Afganistan, when his unit came under attack. Lt O’Donnell was killed. Two other New Zealand defence personnel were seriously injured; Lance Corporal Matthew Ball, 24, who is a … Continue reading “Tim” ANZAC WOD

Death is not the end [I Cor 7]

I was looking, late in the evening, and in some discomfort (The crossfit games are on. I had completed workout 16.1. Even at my duffer level, I think I did something approaching 100 lunges -- a skill I have just developed -- 40 burpees and 36 pullups. I was somewhat sore. That was around 120 … Continue reading Death is not the end [I Cor 7]

Towards the true worship.

There is a particularly bunch who thinks fitness is the new spirituality. It is not. Sorry, but no. The sociologists do not see this: including my least favourite Unite Church heretic get some things correct. But I saw a person wearing a T shirt that stated that they were not in shape to exercise. Thirty … Continue reading Towards the true worship.

A reblog for the women out there.

I reblogged this to the wrong place this morning. Hearthie encouraged the pro photog and me to dump our previous gyms and switch to Crossfit. From that I have learned that PP can do anything gymnastic, and I cannot. I cannot even lift well, as I am so tight in my upper body that the … Continue reading A reblog for the women out there.

Crossfit, legal foolishness and Arch, and Xubuntu.

This is a screenshot of the computer this morning. I have swapped, overnight, to Arch, using Archbang. The browsers are working and I can blog. The reason I am doing this is that Xubuntu on both servers has gone flakey. I have installed xfce, (though the picture is the default OS -- openbox, running on … Continue reading Crossfit, legal foolishness and Arch, and Xubuntu.