Sunday Holy Sonnet

One THOU hast made me, And shall thy worke decay? Repaire me now, for now mine end doth haste, I runne to death, and death meets me as fast, And all my pleasures are like yesterday; I dare not move my dimme eyes any way, Despaire behind,… Read More

Christ alone [Jn 10]

Those who are truly righteous will live, and their salvation is by their own doing. There is but one problem. No one has been truly righteous but Christ -- whom the religious authorities had killed, for it was deemed expedient that one person should… Read More

Like the Ancients [I Tim 6]

It appears that the tenured Muslim argues that the law of Shari'a permits slavery, so it is justified. The teaching on slavery again matters, for the left have decided our fate is to submit.
The Jews, as a minority that has suffered tyranny and…
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Chinese state goons antifa aligned are.

The deplatforming and diversity antifa have had their tactics hacked. By the Chinese communists. To ban the Dalai Lama. The shark has been jumped.
In a letter addressed to the university’s chancellor, the UCSD Shanghai Alumni Group used similar…
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Remarriage and widows.

There are a few things that Paul assumes that moderns do not.
  • The single will be celibate
  • Men will support their families, and children their elderly parents
  • That there is a role for elder women: they are to be prayerhouses
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The revolutionary shitty poets.

The revolutionaries hate the poets . Art does not follow an ideology easily, and beauty, truth and honor have no place. The Bolsheviks were as blunt as the Antifa. They had no time for tradition or the old authors. Let the new Soviet man have his conscience shriven and his imagination lobotomized.
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Confession cures the virtue spiral. [I Tim 4]

We are an odd generation. We don't ban marriage, but we do in this manner: we both say it is unneccessary because if you love you can live together, ignoring the need for boundaries around the marriage bed. If any couple can marry, there is no need for it to be between two: soon the polygamous will want the civil approval for… Read More