Plastic wisdom.

I do not consider that the bloggers of this generation can hold the penknife to earlier generations. The modern catholic controversialists can look to great ones: Belloc and Chesterton. On my side of the Tiber, we have C.S Lewis, Francis Schaeffer. The Orthodox have Alexandr, who confessed his faith as he documented the church in … Continue reading Plastic wisdom.

This elite are fools

The most interesting thing in the quote below is not that it came from a bunch of Trad Catholics referring to Plato. Christians have referred to Plato and Aristotle, properly, since before Augustine. For the love of wisdom is the love of truth and logic, and these are servants to theology, the queen of sciences. … Continue reading This elite are fools

Satire on a rainy afternoon.

Two Catholic poets writing public, satirical verse. As if they ever did not. Both now dead, buried, and gone. But the pride and denial of our base nature they mock lives on. I see it on the daily news, and think that they are correct to mock. Ballade of Modest Confession My reading is extremely … Continue reading Satire on a rainy afternoon.

Green temptation.

What is interesting in the passage today -- the temptation of Christ -- is what he was not tempted with. There was no offering of women or men to be his bed partners. There was no issue with wealth. The temptations related to power, and surrounding these people will lie, steal, bribe and entrap. Today's … Continue reading Green temptation.

Against the modern Ba’al.

I can count on our Papist Brother to bring things to a head. He considers, as he was taught, that the church that saves is not the church invisible but the church Roman. The infernal reaches of that church -- their cardinals and pope -- are too enamoured with this world and promote overmuch the … Continue reading Against the modern Ba’al.

Postmodernism is dirt and huts.

The Postmodernist relativism does not work. It cannot work. Because it is based on lies, and those lies are mandatory. I may chance have some odd quirks and remnants of wit broken on me because I have railed so long against marriage, but doth not the appetite alter? A man loves the meat in his … Continue reading Postmodernism is dirt and huts.

Your belly is not your God.

One of the things that I see is large bellies. Mine included. In the old days, gluttony was a sin. The amount of physical work even pencil necked geeks such as me had was much greater than now: at high school, like most people, I cycled or walked to school. The idea that my parents … Continue reading Your belly is not your God.

The Baptizer and #HateSpeech.

Who are the Sadducee, who consider religion as a mere tool and preach tolerance greater than truth? Who are the Pharisees, who would regulate all things and place on the people a burden that they themselves would not lift? I would argue it is the UK police, converged, run by SJWs, and regulating ordinary people … Continue reading The Baptizer and #HateSpeech.

Poem of the day

Julian has a medical procedure soon. Prayers for that: but in the meantime he posted this. The small, white petals run about on the ground in the wind like children in a playground, with no mind for me: and if I were gone next year, the playing would go on. Julian O'Dea.

True Persecution, False abuse.

Many, many years ago, one of my colleagues pointed out there was an association between violence and having same sex partners. The association existed if you claimed to be gay or not, but was higher if you self identified as homosexuals. There were demands she resign because of offence. I do not care about offence. … Continue reading True Persecution, False abuse.