Funding models matter.

Most of the world has state funding in some method for mental health. Many would argue that it is unjust to compel a person to seek treatment and then charge for it. Historically, such coercion occurred in asylums and psychiatric hospitals, run by local authorities or the crown, and funded variably. After these places closed, … Continue reading Funding models matter.

The cathedral made mad [Acts 14]

Progressive atheism celebrates being irrational. The rejection of logical positivism, the high church atheism of Haldane, Russell Anthony Daniels and David Stove is rejected. Instead we have the philosophy of disadvantage, where what matters is your state within a finely graded power structure maintained by the secular priests. David Stove knew better. He was an … Continue reading The cathedral made mad [Acts 14]

Ratbag Science.

Anthony Daniels in the Quadrant writes of a card carrying psychiatrist, Ellery. Firm in his belief in psychoanalysis and socailism. Convinced he is correct. Reliably wrong. The kind of Ratbag Daniels hopes he is not. The dictatorship, then, not of the proletariat, but of psychiatrists. Personally, I would take my chances with the betting, drinking, … Continue reading Ratbag Science.

Against universal salvation. [Acts 23. Mark 4]

Barry was preaching on the parable of the tares yesterday. He had an analogy: that we will have to go through customs. It is a good parable, so I will expand. If you come to New Zealand, you will get through immigration fairly easily. Your passport is electronic, and the gates are automated. But then … Continue reading Against universal salvation. [Acts 23. Mark 4]

Elfwick whackamole.

The saga of Godfrey continues. So far, Jodie Elfwick has been banned, Godfrey is back as ElfwickGodfrey, and he is sitting on gab feeling somewhat sorry. The commentators among the Dread Ilk note that Gab is not his forte. He is much better playing offence and being a troll, deeply offended, shining light on the … Continue reading Elfwick whackamole.

Sunday Sonnet.

Five Whatever moisture nourishes the Rose, The Rose of the World in laughter's garden-bed Where Souls of men on faith secure are fed And spirits immortal keep their pleasure-close. Whatever moisture nourishes the Rose, The burning Rose of the world, for me the same To-day for mc the spring without a name Content or Grace … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet.

Leave the cathedral. Shun the narrative – I Sam 23.

This morning's first conversation and first web search was for street repairs and closures. We were considering if the roads blocked by the storm yesterday were open and if we can get to church. We shall leave early: the commentary today will be brief. What shall the elite do? How shall they live? The elite … Continue reading Leave the cathedral. Shun the narrative – I Sam 23.

Aussie stupdity quotage.

I like Australia. It is warm (and that is always attractive in a Southern winter) than New Zealand, richer than New Zealand, and they made Aussie Rules. You have to give them credit for that. But their regulators are the most micro managing, brain dead group of zealots in the world. They have no understanding … Continue reading Aussie stupdity quotage.

The first floods of July.

We are unable to leave our home today, as the road into town is blocked. From where we live, we can see surface flooding on the road -- and it is not yet high tide -- but the reason the road is blocked is because of slips. Casa Weka is on a peninsula, and the … Continue reading The first floods of July.

No platforming is ancient. [Acts 13]

When the lectionary breaks a sermon in half, you have a choice. Do you look at other scripture, or do you continue from yesterday's post? Which was about the need to use reason with those who are reasonable. This is important, and it is a filter. Consider the response to the end of Paul's sermon. … Continue reading No platforming is ancient. [Acts 13]