Do not be of this elite [Isaiah 5]

This morning I found my sites were down. All of them. Then up. Apparently the DNS servers were missing the home webpage. I hope it is now sorted out. After that technical notice... Two passages: two themes. The first is that of woe. Woe to those who embrace iniquity. Those who think interfaith services with … Continue reading Do not be of this elite [Isaiah 5]

In Christ we will rise [I Thess 4]

Another part of scripture that is really, truly hard to deal with. For there will be an end, and at that time we will be made pure, and we will be with Christ. But at present we look to that day. For we know we are not pure, and that Christ is not with us … Continue reading In Christ we will rise [I Thess 4]

Lead Pukekos of the year; Godfrey Elfwick and Vox Day.

The nominations for troll of the year are up at man of the west. The co winners will be named elsewhere, but I would give the 2016 lead pukeko to St Godfrey Elfwick of the Wrongskinned and the Supreme Dark Lord of the Vile Faceless Minions and leader of Rabid Puppies Vox Day. First the … Continue reading Lead Pukekos of the year; Godfrey Elfwick and Vox Day.

November Stats.

From Statcounter. Summary Page Loads Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits Total 12,164 7,266 4,141 3,125 Average 405 242 138 104 WordPress is more conservative. 7.5 K views, 22 likes, 49 comments. Thanks to all who visited, liked, comment and support with emails, messages and prayers.

Too brilliant not to share.

Via Vox, this is trolling taken to a level of satire that requires sharing. Geoffery Elfwick, one of the wittier twitter trolls, took down the Guardian. I unsubscribed and unfollowed from everything, and told myself outright: “You’re becoming a racist. What you’re doing is turning you into a terrible, hateful person.” Until that moment I … Continue reading Too brilliant not to share.

The need for negative trials.

It is rarely that I want to congratulate the editors of large journals, but this is one of those days. For they have published a large trial that showed that there was no difference in transition between long chain fatty acids and a placebo (paraffin oil) in preventing the transition to psychosis. To our knowledge, … Continue reading The need for negative trials.

Silence flows from trust [I Thess 1]

Last night was silly. I needed it: I watched the first two episodes of the Grand Tour. We thought it was silly, and fun, and basically everything little boys want to do and men have on their bucket list. Meanwhile, the elite of this world say that they have all the authority and their laws … Continue reading Silence flows from trust [I Thess 1]

The Fear of God is good. [II Peter 3]

New Zealand is very, very shakey. We have a lot of earthquakes. The map above is from geonet, and refers to a 5.1 Richter in the North Island that occurred at 7:26. It is now 8:36. That is a second centre: The Kaikoura quake is still ongoing. Geon They're probably not a popular cause just … Continue reading The Fear of God is good. [II Peter 3]

Now be thankful [Eph 1]

I understand that this is Thanksgiving. I am sure there are many working in the kitchen, preparing too much food. Or being stuck. in. traffic. I understand that the liberal guides on how to propagandize your parents have morphed into how to survive your teenagers praising the Alt Right. We don't do thanksgiving here. We … Continue reading Now be thankful [Eph 1]

Science Fiction converged in the time of Lewis [poem].

People forget that Lewis was a poet. I have quoted him before about my profession. The poem I wanted to quote I have already posted: if is of late love, and as such is painfully honest. I never had a selfless thought since I was born. I am mercenary and self-seeking through and through: But … Continue reading Science Fiction converged in the time of Lewis [poem].