Not antiurban, minimalist urban.

I do not live in the Academic centre where I work. I live 15 minutes out, and at the end of the day I go home... and continue to work if needed. Tonight I have been connecting to the library via the same fibreoptic cable we use to watch netflix, and writing slides for Thursday. … Continue reading Not antiurban, minimalist urban.

For the particular.

The error of the globalist is that he rejects what is true and beautiful in front of him while worshipping an effete ideal. Better to remember what you have, and not bring in that which is not yours. For diversity and proximity leads to conflict, if not war. If the participants in a culture do … Continue reading For the particular.

A correction on Queen’s Birthday [Deut 11]

One of the things that Barry said on Sunday was that God was omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. That our God does not change. Therefore the warnings that were given to the Jews by Moses can apply to us as well. In this time of terror the question should not be if our leaders are stupid, … Continue reading A correction on Queen’s Birthday [Deut 11]