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Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: June 4, 2017

Do not bet against the English.

The British interned a war hero (Mosley) because he was a fascist during the last war. In this war, expect to see the Mayor of London suffer the same fate. Because there will be a payback. Rivers of Blood have never been tolerated in England. The BBC reports more than one person died on London […]

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Sunday Holy Sonnet

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Seventeen Since she whom I lov’d hath payd her last debt To Nature, and to hers, and my good is dead, And her Scule early into heaven ravished, Wholly on heavenly things my mind is sett. Here the admyring her my mind did whett To seeke thee God; so streames do shew their head; But […]

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Pentecost in this current year. [John 14, Numbers 11]

Today is Pentecost and neither of these texts were used. Instead the Acts text, where the flames set upon every person, and I Cor 13 were discussed. In this there was an acknowledgement by Barry that Pentecost has become a point of division between those who emphasize the Holy Spirit and those who do not. […]

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