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Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: June 2, 2017

May there not be Assisted Dying in New Zealand.

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This is from the NZ Medical Journal, and is an example of a research article that is polemical. The question, again, is euthanasia, which now seems to have gained the name of assisted dying, because euthanasia is seen as not sufficiently euphemistic. As shown in Figure 1, 37% of doctors and 67% of nurses responding […]

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Acorns, Sheep, Martha [Ez 34, Lk 10]

I left the biblical references off yesterday’s lectionary — though they are all labelled as such on Gab. It got some traffic and comments. In this time, those who teach the truth or explore the truth will bear a cost. Particularly in the academy. This is worse in the United States than the Antipodes. In […]

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