Quotage (shortbread and riblets are in the oven)

Have just finished a series of phone calls from a reporter -- about PTSD. Will probably be misquoted, but it is part of the job. So let us instead clear our head by linking and quoting correctly. Besides, shortbread (with vegetables mixed in: Teenage boy food) and riblets are cooking. Margery. Women are doing exactly … Continue reading Quotage (shortbread and riblets are in the oven)

Graffiti on the temple.

There are liberals basically shitting on the altar. In all the churches, in all denominations. One of the reasons they hate, hate, hate the more new churches such as Hillsong is that they do not have the committees to subvert. Yet. When those churches try to communicate with their brethren across the divide you run … Continue reading Graffiti on the temple.