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Softness and Delusion.

Scott clued me onto this. It is important. Part of glorifying God with your body is doing the things it was designed to do. Yesterday, I was parking the car when I heard a truck groaning up our steep drive. It was the wood delivery: two days earlier than we planned. I parked my car […]

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No new sins.

My mother in law goes to a Anglican Parish where they preserve the old ways. Their newsletter is always worth reading. This is taken from this Sunday’s notice — which you can get online — and it discusses the see of Peter and the church. One of the questions that the Anglicans have, if they […]

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Assurance [Rom 8]

This morning we have to make a judgement call. It has been clear and sunny, which means that we will have icy roads: they may not be gritted as the council is still recovering from floods and frost last weekend. So we will make call in about 30 minutes about if we can get to […]

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The worm is turning… but which way?

The current narrative in the press, and in the blogs, is relating to racism. A term that bores me: I deem it meaningless. Meaningless: the very vagueness leads to a sense that there can be a moral panic. Which is what we have in the USA: what we are having reported to us. In the […]

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The church is told to check its privilege.

When I read the lectionary some mornings the brain is not working. I was worried last night because there ar enquiries at work, and did not sleep well. The boys still have university and school, and it’s moving into winter, so we were up before dawn. And then I had difficulty choosing which passage: but […]

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