The revolutionary shitty poets.

The revolutionaries hate the poets . Art does not follow an ideology easily, and beauty, truth and honor have no place. The Bolsheviks were as blunt as the Antifa. They had no time for tradition or the old authors. Let the new Soviet man have his conscience shriven and his imagination lobotomized.
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The Muslim must choose Christ [Eph 4]

I have a theory, newly formed. Israel is not full. God is going to drive the Jews there. I may be wrong, very wrong, but Isaiah says that the Jews who are called by the name of the LORD will be gathered, even at the cost of nations. One can see that… Read More

Recycled country

Old stuff. Alison Kraus and Shaun Colvin covering Paul Simon. Sarah Jarosz and Aoife O'Donovan. I have posted this, as the Kraus, before, but they are beautiful. Mandolin Orange covering Bob Dylan. Enjoy. There is much… Read More


It is Christmas Morning, and the readings today are much longer than usual. For two reasons. I have a little more time, and this is one of the great and holy days for those who keep times and seasons -- which is all Christendom apart from the… Read More

Journey of the Magi and Carols: Advent Poetry.

If I have not posted this before it would be in error. I first read this when I discovered Eliot in High School. Eliot's later work requires that you have lived long enough to have grief written in your bones. He notes, when this was recorded by the BBC:
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Don’t be astroturf [Joel 2]

Within hours of the election, MoveOn had managed to get their useful idiots to set up protests outside the various Trump Towers in Chicago and New York. This was reported locally yesterday, along with comments about moving to NZ, Australia or… Read More

The Kingdom of God is not democratic. [Rev 19]

Today (well, yesterday technically: the US is about 14 to 18 hours behind NZ depending on time zone) the US votes. The news is full of speculation. However it is time to act, and then what happens we have to live with. This commentator at Vox's place has the correct idea.
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