Against boasting, called self esteem.

The rebellion we have was demonstrated first by the Corinthians. The cause was that they (living in a city where ritual prostitution was honoured) considered that they could continue to live as they would, and love whom they wanted. That love was love. But they forgot that even the pagans have taboos and limits, for … Continue reading Against boasting, called self esteem.

Old poet from a time gone.

Auden would hate this time. He preferred the ideas of conventional morality and manners: if one was to break those laws (and he did) one was to be discreet. I admire is wish for steam power and a quieter landscape. But I am glad for my automobile, internet, and the fact I hear the train … Continue reading Old poet from a time gone.

My Generation, sort of. — Deut 30.

I am young enough to have given a reality check to the hippie teachers who infested the schools in the late 1970s. There were enough ex war teachers to introduce me to Latin, Shakespeare and Pope. The locusts from 1968 removed these things from the curriculum and replaced it with the worst literature available because … Continue reading My Generation, sort of. — Deut 30.

Tommy, Kipling and Vega.

Suzanne Vega gets this right. The soldier came knocking upon the queen's door He said, "I am not fighting for you any more" The queen knew she'd seen his face someplace before And slowly she let him inside. He said, "I've watched your palace up here on the hill And I've wondered who's the woman … Continue reading Tommy, Kipling and Vega.

Hymns for Bruce.

We buried Bruce today. It is not my place to talk too much of his life, for I only knew him over the last three years. He had thirty years in the church he served. He had sixty years in the tramping club. He was married 68 years. His children, grandchildren and about 250 others … Continue reading Hymns for Bruce.

All people that on earth do dwell [Rom 14]

There are no enemies in Christ. We have traditions and customs, some of which are useful. Some of us have times and seasons for fasting and others avoid certain foods. This may be good for our bodies, and the discipline may centre us on Christ, but it does little good to our souls. For our … Continue reading All people that on earth do dwell [Rom 14]

We may be sacrificed: this is war [Rom 12]

This morning I struggled a little with which text to choose. The lectionary is fairly long and I was drawn to a very commonly quoted verse. One many have taught on. There is little to add: the principle is that we count ourselves as dead to the world and in here to be witnesses, to … Continue reading We may be sacrificed: this is war [Rom 12]

The danger of the effete and the hell of the prig.

The fey, the fairy, the effete have been used to manipulate since the times of the ancients. The love of beauty can be a distraction, for they make the king plaint, content, and weak. Marlowe was in love with this. But he knew the risks. I Must Have Wanton Poets I MUST have wanton poets, … Continue reading The danger of the effete and the hell of the prig.

Three quotes and a poem

The postmodern academy has decided everything is power. More fool them. My remarks boiled down to the observation that theoretical anarchism (as opposed to the practical, bomb-throwing sort) is a gnostic sect. Its essential gnosis is that Thomas Hobbes was correct to say that the Will to Power springs from fear, and that fear causes … Continue reading Three quotes and a poem

Love, Hate, or the Russians did it [John 15]

There is a very long introduction to the text today, and it comes from a pagan. Because ESR has a good memory, and he summarizes the tactics of hate. ESR is American. He makes the observation that the last three enemies of the USA: the NSDAP, the CCCP and ISIS, use ideology or memetic warfare. … Continue reading Love, Hate, or the Russians did it [John 15]