Dark Brightness

Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

The reactionary in the current year in quotes.

The past is a foreign country, someone once said. If the past is a foreign country, someone else said, a reactionary is a patriot of that country. Almost an exile from it.

And unlike the presentist, who sees the past as a tiny, backward and contemptible province of his vast eternal present, the reactionary knows the opposite. The present is a province of the past. Yes, it’s true – like any province, it has its specialties. The food, for instance. The iPads – superb. The movies – never better.

But overall! Stuck here like Ovid among the Pontic Greeks, Augustus beyond deaf to all appeal, the civilized man can only murmur: barbarus hic ego sum. Does he wish for friends? He has no shortage – he could not imagine better. No, what he really needs is a better grade of critics. The bar is too low. And when you’re trying – absurdly of course, but with real feeling – to write sub specie aeternitas, that’s what kills ya.

In Rome, of course, critics were no problem. Out here in Pontus, it’s pretty much all, you talk like a fag. What makes the provincial critic so grimly, hilariously terrible is that he imagines himself not just equal to the wits of the metropolis, but vastly superior.

What binds all of the pieces of the Left’s coalition together is an embrace of the antithesis of the traditions of Western civilization. None of the pieces of the Left’s voter pool want to play in the Western system, but they want material comfort and lower levels of violence and crime. Each member wants to rebel against it, fight it, destroy it, and mock it.

What was once a request or plea from a victim class to get a seat at the table is now a clapping and stomping protestation for the elimination of whites.

The political progression has transitioned from “your school is too white,” to “your company is too white,” to now, “your neighborhood and even family is too white.” Likewise, political programs and signaling have moved from equal opportunity to broadcasting #BlackLivesMatter and rainbow flags whenever the political moment arises. Progressives are watching large firms react to President Donald Trump’s immigration moves for public disavowals.

This filters down to the cultural aspect, where the only cultural commonality for the Left is to be anti-white. Mocking whites for their appearance, making whites the antagonists in films, making white towns harbor dark secrets below the surface, and even commercials that portray whites as the goofy, non-serious figures, play into this. It is the one thing that the entire Left can rally around,

But it is its weakness.

Each step the Left takes allows counter-propaganda to step in and sweep up more whites. Whites are the elastic voter pool. Politically, in order to maintain power in the democratic system, the Left has changed what simply was considered a policy debate for most into a struggle for survival.

This also creates a counterweight to the Left, which is far more unified. A de facto white or pro-civilization group will share more in common due to its homogeneity and shared values. The memes created will spread faster by simply having a similar worldview and not having to worry about offending coalition members. As the Left has put its protected groups off-limits, it also forces the Right or anti-left to be more creative with how it attacks. The cultural dominance and schoolmarm enforcement of politically correct speech codes allows for the Right to portray the Left as joyless harpies.

We don’t need you. If I want to know what a politician said about something, I can watch the video of him speaking. If I want to know what happened at a riot, I can watch video taken from a bystander’s phone and make my own conclusions. I don’t need you to tell me it was actually a peaceful protest — or bury the story altogether if it doesn’t fit your narrative. If I want to know what’s happening in Sweden these days, I can ask some Swedes.

Not only don’t we need you, but we don’t trust you. Your approval levels are at an all-time low because Americans are tired of your lies. Even leftists don’t trust you; they just like the lies you tell. Generation X, my generation, never learned to trust you in the first place. Millenials never even learned to pay attention to you.

If you were smart, you’d purge your organizations of people dedicated to pushing a political narrative and replace them with people who only care about discovering and reporting the truth. You’d dedicate yourself to hard-nosed but fair journalism, and work on earning back the trust of the American people by adding something to the conversation instead of trying to control and suppress it. Give that a decade or two, and you might gain back some ground.

You won’t do that. You’ll double-down, because that’s what you do. You’ll complain, lie more about your non-existent rights, and throw around words like “fascist” and “racist” twice as much, not realizing that no one cares about your shrieking anymore. You’ll still be shrieking as you file bankruptcy, and no tears will be shed for you.

Along the way, you’ll also try to get your buddies at big Internet corps like Google and Facebook to help you out by shutting down your competition online. This will be the best part, because it’ll be like watching a sumo wrestler wearing oven mitts try to catch a greased pig. We can’t wait.