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Immigration is a weapon.

Free Northerner has a very good essay on what the Trump can direct. I have seen too many people who have moved to NZ, losing everything, from Southern Africa. The country is imploding, and this is a ball we can catch. The Afrikaaner is generally a Reformed, hard working person, who does adjust to the kiwi lifestyle: the only problem is they continue to support the Springboks.

Bring them in. Prevent a disaster. And let the Progressives proceed to ruin South Africa, so we can recolonize it for fun and profit.

The dominant political strategy of the American left is to invite hordes of oppressed third world immigrants to America and provide them with government benefits to vote Democrat. Why should President Trump be any less merciful to oppressed foreign nationals?

There are four million Afrikaners suffering persecution, murder, and rape in South Africa. If America offered these poor, oppressed individuals refugee status, a short-term refugee relocation bonus and stipend (or maybe even some federal land to farm), and an immediate path to citizenship, I’m sure many would be be happy to escape oppression and move to the United states. No person with a heart could possibly object if these refugees just happened to be moved to important battleground states and just happened to vote Republican by a large margin.

Trump could also offer (former) Rhodesians the same deal to escape their hardships. With Namibia currently undergoing land reforms and expropriation, Trump could offer the same refugee deal to white Namibians, to preempt a humanitarian disaster similar to the one inflicted upon Zimbabwe.

With these deals, Trump could single-handedly dismantle the last parts of white colonialism and imperialism in South Africa.

Yes, this is a white America policy: to be contrasted with the brown America policy of the left. But it is constructive. It will rebuild the country. And it will save a holocaust.

But, you say, Casa Weka is in NZ; to that I say this: we have a sizeable Afrikaaner minority in our country, and I advocate that our refugee policy should be take those of Christ who are oppressed by the global narrative against the West and for chaos and Islam (but I repeat myself). The only risk we have is that they Yarpies will form the tight five in our rugby teams. You cannot say that about the Syrians or Turks.

One thought on "Immigration is a weapon."

  • This talk about “oppressed minorities” dissimulates the very real disenfranchisement of the White majority, and serves to deny us from our rights to public empathy, to dignity, or to even basically survive in a world of our own.

    The third world wants its world back. So does the first world.? ‘Compassion’ has become a convenient camouflage for those desirous of power.

    We have a disease in White Western societies. It’s a condition called empathobesity, and in a globalist world with open borders and cheap airfare it will mean the self-annihilation of the West if a cure isn’t found soon.

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    If there is a pan national interest (and I would argue there is not) then you rescue those who are like you: Slavs for Slavs, Anglos for Anglos, and the French never. If there is a Christendom, and I pray there is, then you rescue believers first, and let the progressive petunias perish when the invader arrives.

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