The elite are godless, And Perverted. And weighed, and found wanting.

There is an enemy and that enemy wants to destroy the church and the gospel because they don’t want the competition. Regardless.

This means that your “basic, deep-rooted ideas” are wrong, comrade, and your ideas “need to change.” Under the radical feminist regime, everyone must be forced to think exactly what the Godless Perverts tell us to think. No one may be permitted to speak of “what it means to be a man, and what it means to be a woman” except to confirm the radical feminist regime’s Official Truth, namely that “what it means to be a man” is that you are wrong about everything. Perhaps you have forgotten that The First Rule for Men in Feminist Movements is SHUT UP!

Feminists who say their movement is about “equality” are lying. Feminism is a movement about power — absolute and unlimited power . . .

The Dictatorship of Godless Perverts cannot permit anyone to question the regime’s absolute authority. The commissars of the regime will tell you “what it means to be a man, and what it means to be a woman,” and you are not permitted to talk back to them. There can be no discussion or debate. If you do not endorse the Official Truth, you must be silenced. You must be punished if you refuse to repudiate your opposition, because everything you “consider natural and normal” — your “basic, deep-rooted ideas” — “will need to change.”

In the post-Windsor era, Godless Perverts view “the lack of affirmation of [their] beliefs . . . as an act of aggression,” Kirsten Power observes. This is what I’ve called the Compulsory Approval Doctrine, in which the only moral truth is a fanatical certainty in the wrongness of “hate,” so mere disapproval is “hate,” and thus subject to legal sanction.

As if people can change, or do change. The elite call themselves godless perverts, and forget that perversion is essentially sterile. And that men, most men, most fathers, are driven to care for their children: it takes the strong and (lethally) armed forces of the judiciary and police to enforce non contact orders.

Men have lost that (well most have) which allows them meaning and love and security. This is happened by agents of the same state they are told to defend, and may be forced to by conscription. And the Godless Perverts account not for their anger, for they lack all empathy.

Why does God create in fathers this overwhelming urge to protect our kids, to preserve their innocence and then place us in a world that is so chaotic and uncontrollable as to render our “protection” of them silly? I am at work all day. I have no control of some mad man entering my home and doing God knows what to my family. If my wife takes them to the mall and a crazy gunman blows everyone away, what can I do about it?

And why are people still confused about how little men care to get married today? The structures that were once in place (patriarchal, traditional marriage and society) which were designed to in some ways help alleviate fathers fears and make some level of protecting/provisioning a reasonable goal have been dismantled. Men who look at the current situation say to themselves “not only do I have to worry about all of the above, but I cannot even count on being allowed to be in my childrens lives if my wife decides to cut me loose. No thanks!”

As Christians, we believe God is ultimately in control of all this. I get that.

But the “moby” or troll or whatever who spun out of control in her bizarre lashing out against mens anger and their use of four letter words clearly has no clue or desire to understand maleness, fatherhood or any other masculine thing.

We have removed that which protects from our society. We are vulnerable. Without confidence, men will not marry, and women will not procreate.

This elite has been weighed and found wanting. John Galt, at Dalrock’s is saying what I’m thinking.

At the end of the day, Moby’s don’t matter. There is no organized MRA movement. You’re never going to see men marching, like Suffragettes did in the 1920’s, or the Women’s Libbers did in the 1970s. Women, IMHO for Darwin reasons, tend to be more collective and men tend to be more individualistic. Instead, I think you’re going to see two things:

1). Government gets more repressive, trying to keep the current welfare State afloat. Fewer men are going to marry. Fewer men are going to spend the effort needed to be good beta providers, and by implication, better tax cows. With fewer men available and willing to marry (and provide for individual women and their children), American women vote themselves more largesse from the US Government. This happens at the worst possible time as the Baby Boomers work their way through the medical/old age pension system with fewer GenXers and poorer Millenials to support them and more medical expenses due to better/more expensive technology and worse health due to higher rates of substance abuse/obesity than previous generations. This is going to take 50 years or more, during which the government is going to tighten grip and more men are going to slip through the fingers. The government bureaucracy including EPA, IRS; the NGO’s and private actors especially including the intolerant Gaystapo are going to take their toll but are probably not going to lead to a serious rebellion. The bad end of the Laffer curve and regulations will weaken the economic foundation of the US (no one should forget that George S. Patton didn’t win WWII, Henry Kaiser did).

2). As America follows Europe into demographic suicide, the patriarchy really is going to take over – probably most notably as Sharia; but perhaps also as hardcore evangelical Christians, Mormons, Hasidic Jews, Latin-rite Catholics, etc. Liberals abort more and breed less (and later) and the future belongs to those who show up. The wildcard is whether or not there is some kind of a civil war between atheist/statists and the religious folk; between some combination of white, Hispanic, and Black; or and also a war between Islam and not-Islam….and none of these are anything anyone should hope for – this will result in suffering similar to what the Middle East is enduring. Europeans have not seen anything of this kind since the 30 Years War of the 1600’s, when some provinces in Germany suffered a 2/3 population decline. This might be 200 years out. I think people underestimate the carrying capacity for rot that any country has, see also: North Korea and Venezuela, both of which should have imploded years ago.

I think this ends very badly. I also think it is inevitable. I wish I didn’t think this, but, again, 15 years on trading floors have taught me to think about what I see and not what I want to see.

What you are going to see, instead, is the camp of the saints as indigents from the third world invade for cash and prizes (including avoiding work) and the elite enabling this — which is happening in the EU and USA right now, and the hollowing out of an increasingly bankrupt state, as the remaining patriarchs find areas they can live where they can avoid federal interference. We may no longer have the West, but there is Bush in Alaska, the Yukon, and farms in recovering states such as Uganda and Mozambique.

This elite want to see the West destroyed, and righteousness with it, lest their feelings be hurt. They are blind. They are fools. Do not be them, or ally yourself with them.

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  1. In a similar vein. SEe this below?? Just atrociously evil. She’s proud of it too.

    Isn’t this article a hate crime??

    Advocating Genocide of a race or people is a crime. When will this woman be held accountable??? Does the university she works at tolerate Genocide??

    Emily Goldstein, a professor and writer for, wrote
    an article agreeing with us that White Genocide is indeed happening.

    The article (which has since been deleted) was titled “Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People (And That’s A Good Thing)”

    It may have been deleted, but we can still read the article through
    the Wayback Machine which saves websites and allows people to view their

    “One of the more common memes that I’ve seen white supremacists
    spread around recently has been ‘diversity is a code word for white
    genocide” Goldstein wrote.

    “That’s exactly right. Diversity IS about getting rid of white people, and that’s a good thing.”

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