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Quotage upon evil.

I have spent the morning doing statistics. Taking a five minute break, I find Morticia has written some comments upon evil.

Even before I discovered the Red Pill, I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that some women are evil. Pure. Stinken.Evil. I also knew that their prettiness (or lack thereof) was no indication of their virtue.

But convincing men of that has always proven difficult. Several of my male friends and relatives waltzed into marriages or pro-creative LTR”s with some 36-28-36 Devil in a Sundress, despite much protestation from me and others that a literal contract with the devil would probably be less damaging to their future.

They never listen. Oh Lord, do they never listen. So when they end up in the looney bin because Psycho-Bitch tried to kill them..twice.. I have a mixture of sympathy and irrational anger. I.Told.You.So.

Well I work in the looney bin, and I find that the girls get sympathy, and the evil men get shown the door. Women play the victim card, and the system is woman friendly and meets female imperatives (not male ones): as one of my workmates noted when discussing how sons get penalized because they are not neat and do not nicely regurgitate the teacher’s pet issues.

SO yes, Morticia, women are evil. So are men. And beauty does not correlate with goodness — until your fourth decade, when your characther is graven on your face.

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