1. Butterfly Flower said:

    I was wondering: do euthanasia seeking terminally-ill receive psychiatric evaluations? Despite their err…unique circumstances, a desire to end ones life still qualifies as suicidal thoughts. [*If euthanasia advocates were the paragons of ethics that they paint themselves to be, than they’d be advocating for more adequate end-of-life care, not kill the sick….]

    January 8, 2013
    • chrisgale said:

      Well, that is an area that is controversial. There are a bunch of psychiatrists who argue that we should be involved. I agree with this author who states that we simply do not know enough about what happens as you die.

      There is a growing psychiatric and psychological literature
      on the mental status of the terminally ill. As
      yet psychiatry does not have the expertise to ‘select’ those whose wish
      hastened death is rational, humane and
      ‘healthy’. Rarely in those societies with liberalised assisted dying
      laws are psychiatrists
      involved in the decision-making for individuals
      requesting early death. This role is fulfilled by non-specialists.

      I think that medicine should not be involved in euthanasia.. As Prof Taylor said to this year’s graduating medical students.

      ”I beg each of you to have the courage to stand firm and
      uphold that core commitment of our professional lives, which
      is to save life when we can, to relieve suffering when we
      cannot, and never to contribute deliberately to the death of
      any of our patients”.

      January 8, 2013

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