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Vanessa argues that school hours should be short. She’s right.
We always have had an aristocracy, and they always get away with crimes that others are convicted for. Anonymous is annoyed by this, and is going to take down the US prosecution services if they don’t stop being unjust.
In the meantime, the democrat fascist party is trying to ban almost every gun. (even when their supporters cannot get their facts right) This has annoyed Emperor Mish and his Rotties. Given a battle between the Rotties and the Feds, my money is on the Rotties.

SSM notes that the wimmenz are trying to combine American Heritage Girls with Boy Scouts. SHe’s worried about this: my suggestion is let the Dads get the boys to do something girls hate. Like play capture the flag, or bullrush with tackle rules. Or take the boys somewhere cold, wet and miserable, preferably by hiking. SSM also notes that technology has made keeping a house less than fulltime, but that is no reason for women to invade boyspace or manspace.

While we are thinking about the ongoing conflict between men and women, Ethical suggests that Swedish men are deliberately importing Eastern European and Asian women because the Swedish women no longer want to be wives. However, Bill Price, who is of one of those Scandinavian tribes, argues.

But still, as I’ve heard from some Scandinavians, and seen for myself up at the cabin in the mountains, when you put the Nordic people back in their natural, traditional environment, things have a way of going back to normal very quickly.

Some light relief.

On the right, we have a few problems, as GWW points out

Myself, on the other hand, well, I don’t have 100 years of political activism and media representation of my position to fall back on, nor 50 years of the institutionalization of my viewpoints within schools from Kindergarten to university. So this response is going to be too long for one video. Because, you know, unlike feminists, I don’t have the luxury of simply making a bald statement, and then moving on to the next one, without providing rational and empirical support for it. Without actually presenting an argument behind it. See, you can get away with saying, “X is X,” without saying, “…because A, B, C.” I can’t get away with that because my viewpoint isn’t the one that’s been swallowed hook, line and sinker by most of society.

There are some rays of hope. Micheal Coren is one, and Katy Shadie has written wisely and well about why the Canucks to right wing news better than the Septics.

Wapiti points out that most work outside the home is dull and boring
m and he cannot see the reason why women choose this. There is one reason I am aware of — that work is mandated by their professional body in the name of continuing professional education or maintaing currency. Alcest would question if this status is worth it — and she has a point.

I’m aware that women are not men. But wise women appreciate their spouses. Consider this from Vanessa, and go read the entire thing.

You see, my husband didn’t notice my beauty this morning, but he also took no mind of my sloppy — no, revolting – appearance last week. Bed-ridden with the flu. Feverish and nauseous, drenched in sweat, and alternating coughing up phlegm and vomiting up chamomile tea. He took no notice of how disgusting I was, and simply checked my temperature, helped me change out of my newest, sweatiest nightshirt, and brought me a fresh cup of tea and some ibuprofen before heading off to work. He didn’t look twice at me when he kissed me good-bye, the same way he does every morning.

This used to drive me absolutely bonkers. I married quite young and am prone to vanity, and there are few things so tiresome as a pretty, young wife. Doesn’t he appreciate me? Doesn’t he feel jealous? Doesn’t he notice how attractive I am, like other men do? Not usually, no. He takes me for granted, and always has.

This is not because he doesn’t love me deeply, but simply because I am such a large and steady part of his life that he doesn’t have to contemplate me very often. How often, after all, are we truly grateful for the air we breath, or the fact that water runs out of the tap when we turn the knob, or that our car starts when we turn the key, or that our arms are still attached to our bodies when we wake up in the morning? Sometimes we take pains to be grateful for these things, but mostly they are simply there. The most important things in our lives are the very things we take for granted — the very things we’d miss most if they disappeared. But they are so ubiquitous that we’d have time for little else if we spent all day appreciating them.

My husband takes me for granted because I’m part of his life. I’m part of his future. When he talks about where he wants to live and what he wants to do in ten years, he takes it for granted that I’m to be included in his plans. He is not secretly plotting to trade me in for a new wife when my health fades or my breasts lose their perpetual battle against gravity. He’s not looking for a new woman, just as he’s not looking for a new arm.

But sometimes… sometimes, when I least expect it… when I least crave it… he surprises me. When he came home from work and I opened the door and waited for him to kiss me, as he always does, he stood there for a moment and just looked at me. “I forget sometimes. I forget how pretty you are.” Then he smiled and came into the house. As he always does.

Ladies, if you have a man like this, and a relationship like this, treasure it. Nurture it. Because if you do not, and hold your husband in contempt… or leave… you may not be able to get it back. It will be gone. I do not generally quote Athol, but this observation of his contrasts with Vanessas — because Vanessa is aware that what she takes for granted is precious, and these women did not do that.

So let’s be clear here – ALL of the husbands were very much trying to save the marriage. I’m talking 5 for 5 husbands have endlessly emailed me or been on the forum, actively trying to save the marriage and fix things with their wife. But despite best efforts, each one have been dumped and left.


I am 5 for 5 for having those husbands get hit on by other women as soon as the wife is out of the picture. As in attractive other women. As in younger attractive women. As in… “Athol, I don’t understand why I was trying to save things with X anymore. I know I’m going to miss her, but being completely honest, I don’t think I want her back anymore.”

I’ve had so many emails and messages in the last month to the effect of, “My SBTX wife is 44, my new gf is 32.” The overall feeling husbands have about their wives is one of amused sorrow. They are more sorry for her that she’s f@cked her own life and happiness up than anything else.

Part of wisdom is paying attention. I’d suggest to anyone who is going through a divorce to not hook up… to avoid relationships, and that a period of singleness, sorting your own life out, is wise. (I’d say the same thing to women, if they will hear it). You do not want to repeat the same mistakes with a new model. And, if you have care for your kids you need to put all that on hold until they heal.

Finally, A twisted song from the only Sufi I have any time for. He is writing about the actions of a fool, a delinquent. Enjoy the song, but don’t follow the example within the lyrics.