Cowards pander to the offended.

I don't like Julie Birchall. Not because she is lower class, but because she is far too right on and connected to all the wrong causes at the wrong time.  She is not as reliable a weathercock as some local idiots (John Minto and John Read in particular) who reliably and with great venom take … Continue reading Cowards pander to the offended.

Global warming?

It is supposed to be summer in NZ. If you are in the top half of the north island, where I grew up, you could swim from when you got out of school (early December) until Easter. Yeah, right. Despite living in the south for six years, where I have learnt to consider 15 degrees … Continue reading Global warming?

Godly shame is of great value.

I got distracted this morning by an example in death. A couple died while in Kenya doing short term missionary work -- they were part of a party of mostly high school students who were repairing mission buildings. Sent from their church in New Zealand, they died in Kenya. In thinking about this, it is … Continue reading Godly shame is of great value.

A death in Kenya.

Overnight, this happened in Kenya. From the Herald. The van carrying Tauranga's Bethlehem College Christian volunteers Grace and Dr Brian Johnston, and Caitlin Dickson rolled in heavy rain and ended up in a ditch on Tuesday night (NZ time). Their Kenyan driver was also killed. The trio were part of a group of seven adults … Continue reading A death in Kenya.