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The weekly admin and links post.

Before we get into the admin, can everyone pray for SSM and her family: they are mourning at present. I have added Amos and Gromar, Return of Queens and Return of Kings to the linkage, making a new category — the dark enlightenment. I will be moving a fair number of the secular “red pill” […]

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Weekend reading.

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This is a list of good posts from the various blogs in the Tradosphere. UK Fred: Christians on the internet better act like that. (A quick gloss: at times none of us do. At times we all do. So read everything here with some discernment ‘mkay?). He also reminds us that the same applies in […]

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A small technical post, including fedora 18 beta.

Fedora 18 is almost out. I installed the beta onto a laptop a couple of days ago. The new version of anaconda looks pretty and worked well — until I did something clever, which was try to use cinnamon as my desktop environment. That was broken on install. In the end I installed kde-openbox and […]

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Linkage Proper.

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It is about time I put together a list of good posts in the last week. Now, I do not necessarily agree with every one of them. Your mileage will vary. Your offense level may be challenged. Nothing here is frankly evil, but nothing here also may be safe for work. Brendan. The New Nigger […]

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