The need for repentence.

One of the consequences of having an elite that discounts religion is that they let in those who will preach destruction, and then there is blood. The end game of Islam is not repentence, it is war. It is counted by the increased number of martyrs. But I could be in error. It could be … Continue reading The need for repentence.

The Holy War will not save you.

Yesterday afternoon a small four wheel drive was weaponized and driven into a tram stop in Melbourne. Melbourne is very progressive and quite multicultural. It is, however, usually safe. The vehicle ran a red light just after 4.30pm on Thursday, witnesses told 3AW. The incident brought parts of the city to a standstill. Ambulance, fire … Continue reading The Holy War will not save you.

At times, run.

This text follows directly on from the one in the lectionary yesterday. I'm not sure when Jesus was talking about Jerusalem being surrounded -- he had prophesied the destruction of the the temple, which happened in 72 AD, when Titus circumvalleted the entire city, leaving it surrounded from armies. But from this there is a … Continue reading At times, run.

God and Empire?

The idea of a holy war, or jihad. predates the Islamists by a couple of thousand years. But we then have to ask ourselves what this means. For today's text is as much about revolution and aggression., and it is as much about us as our enemies. Psalm 149 5   Let the faithful exult in glory; … Continue reading God and Empire?