My mother in law is with us, as she has been unwell. Like many of her generation, she gets her news from the media: from the newspaper, which she reads every day, and from the television news: she watches the state funded channel as she has all her life. Despite it being propaganda. Last night … Continue reading #Theyallknew.

Why matriarchy will not work.

I have read some wrong theology over the years, but this is about as bad as it can get: theology from a male submissive. (Link quite NSFW). To suggest Paul was an advocate of slavery, patriarchy, or the Jewish dietary code can only be made when individual verses are taken out of context. Paul reiterates … Continue reading Why matriarchy will not work.

Shepherds not hirelings.

I love my Church. I love it's stubborn, careful approach. I love the fact that a minister has to be called and cannot be appointed. I love it that this means those who have fallen to liberalism, and the women who get a B.Th. or even a Ph.D. thinking that will that is required. Last … Continue reading Shepherds not hirelings.