Back to fedora.

I am switching one machine -- the oldest and most vulnerable to breakage -- to fedora from Arch for a few reasons. Fedora uses diff files for updates, and that cuts down the bandwidth. Arch, like debian, does not. Fedora supports Rkward better than Arch does. At least at present. AUR (in Arch) seems broken. … Continue reading Back to fedora.

Adios, Debian.

I'm not a fan of big distros. The idea of a debian that uses sysinit or Open RC appealed. But the borg has spoken, and such will not exist. @DevuanOrg @debian Time to switch to gentoo, then.— Chris Gale (@pukeko60) January 23, 2016 The first thing to do is download an iso. Now, I have … Continue reading Adios, Debian.

Why I wipe the OS and install Linux.

Simply put, I don't trust Microsoft. Or Apple. The latter (Apple) worries me more, because the only place I use Windows is in hospitals. I can let the hospital have the lawsuit when (not if) the NSA hoovers up confidential medical data, and then are hacked.... I tend to use Fedora based distros now: Debian … Continue reading Why I wipe the OS and install Linux.

A small technical post, including fedora 18 beta.

Fedora 18 is almost out. I installed the beta onto a laptop a couple of days ago. The new version of anaconda looks pretty and worked well -- until I did something clever, which was try to use cinnamon as my desktop environment. That was broken on install. In the end I installed kde-openbox and … Continue reading A small technical post, including fedora 18 beta.