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Adios, Debian.

I’m not a fan of big distros. The idea of a debian that uses sysinit or Open RC appealed. But the borg has spoken, and such will not exist. @DevuanOrg @debian Time to switch to gentoo, then. — Chris Gale (@pukeko60) January 23, 2016 The first thing to do is download an iso. Now, I […]

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Just for Captain Capitalism

This is what a real operating system looks like.   Since you have reported that the hipsters use crippled UNIX. and only a few use windows, I thought you needed reminding that there is a free option that has more powerful tools… for everything from fixing photos to statistical analysis for economists:-)

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A small technical post, including fedora 18 beta.

Fedora 18 is almost out. I installed the beta onto a laptop a couple of days ago. The new version of anaconda looks pretty and worked well — until I did something clever, which was try to use cinnamon as my desktop environment. That was broken on install. In the end I installed kde-openbox and […]

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