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The profitability of greyness.

Overnight there has been an earthquake on the Iran/Iraq border. About a seven: the death toll could be in the hundreds. The last earthquake we had around that level has a repair budget of 1.2 billion dollars, and the main road north, destroyed, is almost repaired a year later. But that is not what is […]

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A Man of God gets it wrong.

Our retired bishop puts on his hat and decides all those who want to ensure that TMetira Turei (who he is white knighting for) is not held accountable. Mate, no. Turia is an example. Of what not to do. Your sins, like mine, are not to be boasted about. It is better to talk about […]

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Against the Liberal and their religions [Deut 9]

It is not the Muslim who is our enemy. It is those who oppose Christ and his word. For the beginning of wisdom is to know that you are not God, and that the Peoples of this earth are not one. That we will not ever be able to build a Jerusalem in England, for […]

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God wants us holy, not personally happy.

I read this quote by Cail (who is in the blogroll) at Dalrock’s yesterday and it fits with the issues we face when confronting today’s passage. There was a subsequent comment which noted that Cail’s sarcasm passes as doctrine in many places that most churchian of heresies, the prosperity gospel “Well, God doesn’t want me […]

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We do not act on our feelings.

Homosexuality is legal in NZ. Homosexual marriages are licit. And the pressure on the church to crumble — because people are humiliated that they do not meet the standard of the church — is starting. We were assured this would not happen. But it will. And this is one situation where the Anglicans are correct […]

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