Deus Vult or the Left Gulag.

My sons are about to start and their academic trade school(s) again, and I have some fears. One is that they will not do well. I want them to succeed. Their courses will lead to jobs that require credentials, and they need to put their heads down, work, and ignore the progressive idiots in upper … Continue reading Deus Vult or the Left Gulag.

Winter Olympics II

Weird experience at Church today: we are in Wanaka and the Olympic Opening Ceremony was being played. Because the Wells family -- one injured Skier in the congregation and his parents -- are flying out to Korea to support his younger brothers, who are all in the NZ Team. Apparently our black uniform did not … Continue reading Winter Olympics II

Sunday Sonnet.

Yes, there are more Belloc sonnets. About another four: the cycle is ending. Belloc was a journalist, he wrote quickly. For he had to eat. It was the aristocrats and those with tenure who could xxxiv Would that I had £300,000 Invested in some strong security ; A Midland Country House with formal grounds, A … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet.

Common grace, common ingratitude.

This follows on from some of the posts I have put up in the last few days. Yes, it is political, even on Sunday, when I should be a man of peace. I am taking a little more time to get this correct. For I want to differentiate from the man who struggles with sin … Continue reading Common grace, common ingratitude.

Winter Olympics ratings down.

I have not watched any of the Winter Games. And it is available on free to air TV in NZ. And it is being promoted. Heavily. It might be because I prefer to watch things where the athletes are measured by time or weight or the number of times they get a puck or ball … Continue reading Winter Olympics ratings down.

Hate Facts.

The hate fact for the day is dedicated to Milo Yiannopoulos. Mate, enter a monastery. Now. Because the gays have reached peak queerness, and are being thrown under a bus. The courts are no longer amenable. Sort of. It appears that the constitution does not include the right for the offended to coerce creative actions. … Continue reading Hate Facts.

Without faith it is sin.

One of the pleasures I have not had for some time is a good theological argument. And it is a pleasure. When you are with someone of faith, to discuss the things of God, set the world to rights, and consider the meaning of our faith. When there is no accusation, just discussion. I don't … Continue reading Without faith it is sin.

Principles of savings and investment.

This is kind of tutorial for Kiwis, with a some principes from Mike Cernovich on investing. Now, you may say that you should not be investing: that the current situation encourages nothing but debt. That would be true. But this is what I have learned. Generally by making these mistakes. Kill the credit cards. Yes, … Continue reading Principles of savings and investment.

There is no peace.

Many High church atheists find comfort in oblivion and that they will have peace beyond this life there. They fear any disturbance. A.R.D. Fairburn is of that ilk, and hoped death would be akin to a long sleep. THE DISADVANTAGES OF BEING DEAD On reading that Sir Ernest Fisk, Managing Director of Amalgamated Wireless, considers … Continue reading There is no peace.

Godly Hatred.

Do not choose to be a slave for the sake of your virtue signals. In Christ, you were called to be free. But your sins enslave you. I am not going to quote all of today's readings, but the correction for our wish to signal virtue is to remind ourselves that if we are doing … Continue reading Godly Hatred.