Boastful sterile apostates.

How can we tell if someone is going to be toxic before they have had enough time to wreak lives? How can we prevent bad things happening, particularly in the church? We know that there are those who preach a strange God, or that we should accept this world as it is, and become part … Continue reading Boastful sterile apostates.

Chluthu is a Jacobin.

One of the proverbs in scripture goes something like this: The heart is desperately wicked, who can understand it? Another is that A man's path seems right in his own eyes. And here the Social Pathologist identifies firstly what is key about the Dark Enlightenment or reactionary thought, and secondly where we went wrong. We … Continue reading Chluthu is a Jacobin.

Night Haiku

snails write their silver haiku on the path Julian O'Dea

The true Red Pill.

Further on the horrible events from yesterday: the chances of dying from violence for most of us are very low. Mychael posted on behalf of Scott the following, which is true, but there is a corollary. (again, I don't link to Facebook). PSA from my husband. The probability (p value) of any random American being … Continue reading The true Red Pill.

Mental Health Cannot predict Mass Murder.

I had a paper on predicting a more frequent event (death by suicide) rejected a week or so ago. A quite expert reviewer noted that there had been .... five reviews recently. Which all make the same point. If some investigative reporter shoved a microphone and camera in my face and asked “how is it … Continue reading Mental Health Cannot predict Mass Murder.

Do not converge.

If you want to see the end game of convergence, do not look at Europe. Look at the UK or Canada. Closer to home, look at Victoria. Where any honest speech must be regulated, where internet comments are greater crimes than terror, for the spirit of this age does not want us awake. For if … Continue reading Do not converge.

Two poems.

T.E. Hulme is now obscure: he is one of the poets who influenced Pound. However, unlike Pound and Eliot, he was British, and did not survive the charnel house of the first world war. His poems are short. Here are two of them Autumn A touch of cold in the Autumn night— I walked abroad, … Continue reading Two poems.

Against (State sponsored) worry.

There is much to worry about in this world, and I have to ignore much of it, because I worry too much: most of my scholarly work is on anxiety disorders and generalised anxiety, which should tell you my besetting weakness. Some fear is good. A certain fear of the stranger is good.. Given that … Continue reading Against (State sponsored) worry.

Sunday Sonnet

Twelve Beauty that Parent is to deathless Rhyme ' Was Manhood's maker : you shall bear a Son, Till Daughters linked adown admiring time Fulfil the mother, handing Beauty on. You shall by breeding make Life answer yet, In Time's despite, Time's jeer that men go void ; Your stamp of heaven shall be more … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet

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