Sunday Sonnett

XXV It freezes : all across a soundless sky The birds go home. The governing dark's begun. The steadfast dark that waits not for a sun ; The ultimate dark wherein the race shall die. Death with his evil finger to his lip Leers in at human windows, turning spy To learn the country where … Continue reading Sunday Sonnett

Advent one

Today is Advent one[1]. Yesterday we went to the markets with a detailed list of things to buy, and filled boxes to be given to the poor. This is an annual project of most of the churches in Dunedin: there are people who suffer at this time of the year, and the giving of boxes … Continue reading Advent one

Wrongthink in an evil time

The times are fallen. Hearthie has been reminding me that the situation on the ground is more nuanced than it appears in California. Well, sort of. Like her, I live in a city where one party has held power: in my city it is for a century. All the elite support the socialist (Labour) party: … Continue reading Wrongthink in an evil time

Dress as you are.

Since no one publicises the good advice out there, I will point them out at times. This is from Amy, and it is for the girls: Dress as you are. Not as you would want to be. In my book, Wardrobe Communication, I talk about dealing with the reality on the ground insofar as the … Continue reading Dress as you are.

The death of justice.

I note that San Francisco has found a man who confessed shooting a woman not guilty for a political reason. The trust the populace in justice is again abused. And another fragile bond of trust is broken. Time for some Ezra. Fan-Piece for Her Imperial Lord O fan of white silk, clear as frost on … Continue reading The death of justice.

November stats.

  A busy month. 11K visitors according to wordpress, 18 K loads on statcounter. Open Parachute does not have the blog rankings up yet. Monthly Stats Report: 1 Nov - 30 Nov 2017 Project: Dark Brightness URL: Summary   Page Loads Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits Total 18,461 10,327 6,484 3,843 Average 615 … Continue reading November stats.

Reclaim traditions.

I am bad at parables. I am neither Jewish nor Christ: the Jews still do, and I quoted one yesterday. Today we have a couple of illustrations: the first is Dalrock's exegesis of Deut 22:5. The command is that a man shall not wear women's clothes, or a woman mans. Dalrock notes that women, in … Continue reading Reclaim traditions.

Pravda is not the gospel.

There is truth, and then there is Pravda: the official truth, usually a lie. Those in power find lies useful. Moldbug said this when Obama was in his first flush of power, and it is correct: having some thoughts which are repugnant and disgusting that are defined as good thoughts, Pravda has utility if you … Continue reading Pravda is not the gospel.

Bayes theorem and the Borg.

This is facebook using suicide as a wedge issue. I find facebook difficult enough. We spent an evening last week blocking people, switching off apps that had accumulated like dust bunnies, and disconnecting personalization. AI has been tested in suicidal ideation. Let us be charitable and say that this is 95% specific and 99% sensitive. … Continue reading Bayes theorem and the Borg.

Stumbling blocks and war.

On a day when I am using the first letter of St Peter as the text, let us begin with my favourite feral Papist[1]. He is talking about warrior ants exposing the lies that exist in the Curia, For they have gutted Catholicism, and wear the body as a skin suit, demanding fealty. There will … Continue reading Stumbling blocks and war.