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Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Never let an antichrist in.

As the time is short, so the number of Antichrists will increase. They will be loud. They will roar. They will say that Christ is not the prow and stern, but that there are other agendas. That we should conform to the fears of this time. That we should change. For society has progressed. This […]

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Saturday Sonnet.

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I keep on thinking to the comments about Dorothy Sayers being a medeivalist, and courtly love being chaste. It may have been an ideal, but you got good poetry (and novels) from it. But, given the bloody nature of the time, there is a fair amount of escapism in this. It is easier to write […]

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Social Media is the warning.

It is Saturday, so time for a little exegesis with our lectionary and the second coffee. This has been the week of the Starbucks implosion, and my sympathy is for the poor staff in rancid mermaid, for when the left stop fighting over who has the most oppression points they will be truly propagandised. It […]

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Crazy Friday Covers.

This is a fairport convention song about the madness. Natalie Merchant is an inspired interpreter. Yes, Natalie forgets the words. Within the fire and out upon the sea Crazy man Michael was walking He met with a raven with eyes black as coals And shortly they were a-talking Your future, your future I would tell […]

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Quote of the day.

I need to re read by Sayers. Lord Peter Wimsey is a knight errant, as surely as Miles Vorkosigan. But much more English, and much more restrained. For Lord Wimsey – eccentric and resoundingly British and modern though he might be in other respects – is assuredly a deeply medieval character. It is obvious especially […]

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