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Not polite to evil.

One of the facts of this fallen existence is that bad things happen to good people. Not merely to bad people. Not that this matters: for the current times are more than fallen. They are evil. When you get columnists complaining because the majority of Canadians are decent and support grieving families, On April 6th, […]

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May the world leave us alone.

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One of the reasons that I can blog is that my children are grown. I don’t have to worry about our weaponized social welfare system, which at times can remove infants, even just after birth. I am, no one is, completely invulnerable to pressure. We have not reached the lethal version of politics that seems […]

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By the election of Christ, not a new electorate.

One of the weird things about travel is that you find the pretensions of people. I live in a university town, and we have progressive mayors — who want a new project. A new tourist bridge. Some modern architecture that will leak when the next cyclone hits. They proclaim their liberalism. And they forget to […]

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We are at war.

Yesterday I decided to twit some of the standard Kiwi athiests. I said that they did not believein Hell, but Hell believes in them. What is clear is that the rainbow social justice tulip who runs Qantas has decided that Folau has to be counseled about his use of social media. For he has mentioned […]

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The house of peace.

One of the things that we have noticed is that there is no peace remaining. In the world, there is but competition and strife. There is anxiety and fear, and the news amplifies this, for not only to we hear the bad news from around the world but the Manichean nature of our news systems […]

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