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The Donkey must die.

I am waiting for Youtube to take this down.

In New Zealand, about twice as many people die from suicide as from road crashes. The majority are male: the most at risk troup are Maori. Any group who cheers that one race is dying by their own hand is beneath contempt.

Democrats in a public, political meeting cheer and laugh at the mention of the increased number of white men committing suicide.

The speaker says, maybe I should not say this in public, but when I heard more White men are committing suicide, I almost said “yeah, great!”.

But he does say it, and the crowd likes it, as he knew they would

When that group is Maine Democrats, then that party needs to disappear from the nation state. For the health of the nation.

The democratic donkey needs to he euthanized. Pandering to minorities for the purposes of diversity and inclusion does not go to the level of encouraging suicide. [1]

Any political party that wants to kill its host culture is a party of traitors, and must be expunged for that nation to live. The current conflict, politically, is between the neoliberal globalist elite — in New Zealand this is National, Labour and the Greens: in the USA it is the neoconservatives and the Clinton democrats — and nationalism, which in New Zealand is Winston Peters and the Mana Party, while in the USA it is the Alt- and Trump [2]

Marxism is now a fossil for academic study: the modern, industrial society it predicted no longer exists. The world is degenerating and becoming tribal.

And the democrats will die as surely as the Shakers.


  1. I am quite aware that the same nefarious lizard people support planned parenthood that deliberately targets black women for abortions. While claiming to be the party for black people. Or that the Democrats supported Eugenics and were the party of slavery. The donkey should have died generations ago.
  2. The Alt-left, Alt-right, Alt-light and Alt-white have more in common than they will admit.

2 thoughts on "The Donkey must die."

  • fuzziewuzziebear says:

    i am going to link this over at my usual haunt. Great post.

  • Spawny Get says:

    Same in the UK, Same in the EU.

    I’ve heard that single vehicle road traffic accidents are the way that some men choose to commit suicide. Life insurance is paid to his family / ex-family because suicide is hard to prove. Even in dying, men have a tendency to try and look after those they leave behind.

    Yes, it happens, and in NZ they are classed as suicide

    (Read about it happening in Aus but see no reason for it to be only a factor there)

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