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Projection of the week.

You have got to love the leftists who visit Vox Popoli. They say the darndest things.

Mr Nostradamus — quite inactive but on blogger since 2011 — thinks some right wingers hate, and some religious hate, but all right wing and religious people hate. This is an unsound syllogism. But rationality is not here: this is projection.

Besides, I’m not a right winger. I’m not a nationalist. I’m an imperialist, and yearn for the British Empire to come back: hanging pirates from the yardarm, blockading slaver ports, building railways and mission schools. Let the Empire be great again, Africa is being colonized anyway: let it be for the benefit of the indigenous tribes.

the problem isn’t islam. it’s right wing FILTH.

No matter the religion, if you’re a right winger and religious, then you will have hatred. Just read anything an alt right freak says.

There is an implication that Mr Nostradamus makes that needs expansion. It is that what you say is what counts. It is your words that make you evil. If you say the right words you are good. This is wrong. it is your acts that demonstrate what you are: it is the consequences of you being on this planet that allow people to judge you.

There are plenty of actors in this world who pretend to be good, but are trainwrecks.

And there are plenty of people who ignore the narrative, speak plain, trigger the social justice wankers, and do good.

Choose to leave a legacy of beauty and truth, despite being called a hater.

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