In the hearts of men, not lizards or orcs, begins the counterrevolution. .

The narrative is failing, as the Sun King failed. Mark Citadel talks about a tower for a reason. The tower raises the nomenklatura above the narods and zeks. It led, in Soviet Russia. to a two stage economy: the party members had their own shops and schools and comfort. Those not on the list, without the right card, suffered.

Evolutionist X calls this group lizard men. I like her reasoning.

Cabrini Green, Chicago

I’ve finally come up with a good definition for the Lizard People:

People who prioritize order above human utility–including their own.

It’s easy to understand why people harm others if they benefit personally in the process. We might not like it, but at least we understand it, and self-interested people can be reasoned with.

Lizard people look like people, but they seem to lack the ability to reason like people. They make other people’s lives worse, but for no discernible personal benefit. They use words like “progress” or “improvement,” “rational” or “modern,” “rules” or “policies,” to justify their policies, while ignoring complaints from the people involved that the new policies actually break more than they fix.

Or to put it another way: lizard people are the folks who thought Cabrini Green looked nice and built it that way on purpose.

The idea that architects can make us better is part of the ethos of the lizard people. Humans are messy. They have free will. They do irrational things. They are fallen.

This needs to be expunged, and if that means that there is nothing noble, or good, or that hope dies as surely as the gangs ran the housing projects that their architects painstakingly designed. Now, a couple of clarifications. I live in a very modern house that is without decoration and lintels. But it has within enough beauty to please the eye. There is nothing wrong with new. There is a lot wrong with inhuman.

From its perch atop the superpower status of the post-Cold War West, Liberalism has different tools which it deploys depending on if its enemies are foreign or domestic. The domestic enemy is the shattered remains of Traditional culture, native culture in the West. To destroy this, a domestic relativism must be deployed which deliberately deprives the owner of the house from protesting against his replacement, protesting those who rape his daughters, protesting those who threaten his safety, protesting those who undercut his wage, protesting those who change the very fabric of a community. If all is relative, then he should simply adapt to these changes as his world is destroyed, or as National Review demanded of its blue-collar audience: he “just needs to die”.

For the foreign enemy, this tactic simply will not work. It would be impossible to engineer the movement of Europeans, or indeed East Asians to the Middle East and North Africa, because currently these are not desirable places to live, either socially or economically. It is impossible to water down such illiberal cultures with migration and relativism, so instead an active, hard-line Liberalism is needed, a fanaticism of the political left every bit as potent as it was in 1790s France or 1920s Russia. The leftism which smashes, which destroys, which kills without conscience. The treatment of girls by Bangladeshi migrants in Rotherham was just fine with the British government, but the Taliban’s treatment of Afghan girls is still used as reasoning for the “good war” in Afghanistan, and all the misery it has caused. Do you see the hypocrisy?

The West has become endemically multicultural, and so relativism is a very useful tool in preserving this status quo and fighting against those who would undo it in favor of any sort of homogeneity which could resist Liberalism more effectively by way of existent cultural monopoly. The rest of the world is not multicultural, and so relativism is abandoned in favor of neo-colonial and chauvinistic Liberalism which demands the world obey its morally obtuse notions of ‘human rights’, ‘democracy’ and a cavalcade of other Enlightenment demands.

Citadel is correct in his assessment of that narrative. But therein lies the flaws. It is a monoculture, a monoideology, and as such it is boring. It is as vulnerable as the prairies planted with Monsanto roundup resistant grain. For men, though fallen, are still in the image of God.

And they revolt against the lizard men, and their tame minorities, who lie Orcs (or, worse, Lawyers) predate through the land. I find it interesting that this minor blog gets hated. Perhaps it is because of the lectionary. Perhaps it is because of truth. Or perhaps it is because, like most beleivers, I take the teaching of St Paul seriously.

I have spent more time in academia than is good for a man’s soul. You are forever washing the spiritual slime from your soul when you are surrounded by academics. But there are no longer safe havens from the academic plague. The universities are the satanic factories, but there are adjunct factories in town and country throughout every European nation. There are no peasants anymore. And by peasants I am not referring to those who till the soil. I am referring to the European Christians who used to live apart from academia and its tributaries, the men who worshipped the Christ in Rembrandt’s Adoration of the Shepherds by their racial hearth fire. There are no such hearth fires anymore because the ironclad liberalism of academia has enveloped all of Europe. The liberals have justified their war on the natural affections of the European peasant with the war cry of “racism.” But we can only know God through Christ and we can only know Christ through the natural affections, our love for kith and kin. So where does liberalism leave us? It leaves us in Merlin’s hollow oak after he surrendered his soul to Vivien; it leaves us bereft of our people and our God.

There is one man that the liberals hate above all other men. That man is St. Paul. Very few liberals will attack Christ head on. They neutralize Him by making Him a civil rights worker, a focal point for Marxist revolutions, or a thousand and one other roles that serve liberalism. But St. Paul can’t be neutralized. He will not allow any other vision of Christ than the true vision – Christ is the son of God. What can be done with such an unpolitic, uncompromising man? He must be killed. And St. Paul was killed, but his people, the gentiles, followed in his train. Have they all been killed? Are there no Europeans left who believe that charity, the charity inspired by the love of Christ, never faileth? I once, while browsing in a Daughters of St. Paul bookstore, saw a copy of Peter Kreeft’s book Ecumenical Jihad. I went up to the front desk and told the nun that she should destroy that book. When she asked me why, I told her that St. Paul, whom they claimed as their patron saint, would not have approved of a book that blended Christ with Islam and Judaism. This is the modern alliance, the alliance of intellectual Christianity and liberalism, which the Europeans must reject—“A plague on both your houses,”—and return to the Christ that St. Paul encountered on the road to Damascus.

Successful counter-revolutions end with victories on the battlefield. But successful counter-revolutions start in the hearts of men. Nothing good will happen in the European nations so long as the Europeans remain allied with the hard-hearted academics in church and state who have declared war on the white man’s natural affections. The colored barbarians and the Moslems are very adept at murder, rape, and pillage, but they are not good at soldiering. They cannot defeat Europeans on the battlefield. If–and that ‘if’ is all in all—the European people regain their natural affection for their own people, and for the Christ of old Europe, there will be no Moslem or colored barbarian conquest of the white nations.

It is disgust that will kill the lizard men. It is contempt that will drive out the orcs and it is repentance that will lead to us reforming our laws and lawyers [1]. The lizard man thinks those towers lead to secutity.

But I have played too many strategy games. To me, a tower means you can bypass those forces and leave them to starve. The more deep the lies, the more deep the disgust, and the higher above the mass of men these lizards place themselves, the greater the fall.

Do not be them. Do not be like them.

  1. The alternative is revolution, and in that the lawyers are hung.

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