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Ain’t no accident.

Sunshine Mary (SSM) noted that there were a bunch of women condemning a lesbian for using IVF to get pregnant while giving girls who”accidentally got pregnant” a pass. Can’t happen. You have to have sperm in you. Which is why the Virgin Mary asked how she could get pregnant — for she’d not been with a man.

As SSM commented to her own post. (Emphasis mine).

She is making a mistake that is common among Christians today; she provides moral cover for female sexual sin by saying this:

The most obvious difference is that you can’t get pregnant via IVF by accident.

Even without IVF, you don’t just end up pregnant by accident without doing something.

And that something that you do is a sin if you are unmarried.

Homosexuality is a sin, but so is fornication.

Becoming a single mother via fornication is not more moral than becoming a single mother via IVF.

There are certain issues I don’t agree with Dalrock about, but on this issue, I agree with him 100%: the church provides moral cover for single mothers and thereby inadvertently increases social acceptance of single motherhood. This is horrible for the children and also endangers the women’s immortal souls by allowing them to think that their preferred form of sexual sin isn’t really so very bad.

Earl commented back, and made the point obvious.

I accidentally ate a bag of Oreo’s everyday and gained 30 pounds.

So… three things to take from this.

1. Having sex outside marriage is wrong. That includes those who are single, divorced, gay or whatever. The old fashioned name for that was fornication.

2. Sex inside marriage is a good thing. Sexless marriages have consequences — divorce, adultery or p0rn.

3. Sex leads to babies. And, speaking as a man, there is no reliable way of preventing babies if you do (as you should in marriage) cleave to your wife.

Or, as I say to my sons, if you sleep with her you better be prepared to raise her kids. And that God wants you married first. There is no such thing as casual sex, and babies ain’t no accident.

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  • Wiless says:

    There’s no licit thing such as casual sex; it certainly exists, but is evil, not permitted.

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