Trolls on tomato sauce

Some time ago I produced the policy for this place. It’s on the heading, go look. But the reasoning behind it came out of moderating.

You see, I have a weakness. I find trolls amusing. Worthy of fisking, of baiting. And I defend my own patch. So when a numbskull produced this…

hey, did all the infidels you holy, enlightened Catholicks burn at the stake think you were inhumane? We really need your ideas on this, as you have special transcendental knowledge…

I decided a little amplification was warranted.

First warning. Don’t feed the grue who moderates this place: Trolls taste nice when crunchy and covered with sauce. (Go read the Laundry novels by my favourite atheist, Charles Stross, if you do not get the analogy).

Secondly I’m not catholic. Thirdly, the number of people burnt at the stake during the 16th and 17th century can be measured in the thousands. That is a tragedy. However the numbers killed by athiests last century — particularly one J.Stalin, A. Hilter, M Zedong and a few Citizen number ones — is measured in the millions. That is worse. Again go and do some reading — Coren’s why Catholics are right is a good place to start, even though he is a Papist.

So pipe it down. ….

But please do produce a better argument. Please. That one was boring.

Comments close after a couple of weeks. However, the moderator will arbitrarily bring them back by way of a new post… as exemplars — for praise, fisking, or snark.

So, to the visitors from No More Mr Nice Guy… welcome: be careful of the sharp edges, the grues are free range, and the blog owner considers the scary devil monastory highly entertaining.

Athiests, please do not spew recycled Dawkin memes of the carpet, it encourages the grues and cleanup is so messy.

Pagans, be aware the prayers here are to the living God not your personal one.

Christians, be aware there are Pagans and Athiests in the linkage.

Feminists and Islamists, please produce new arguments, the old ones were quite unsatisfying and the monsters of logic need regular fisking practice.

However, if you are a member of the cult of the perpetually offended… if you are anxious that your assumptions are not challenged… then I hope this site will be your cure. For I treasure offensive comments, spending some time in composing a reply. Reviewing these should lead to the exposure response: a loss of fear of words and disapproval, combined hopefully with the development of those servants of argument, logic and rhetoric, that will allow you to fight back.

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