Some administration issues.

I’m using all  in one webmaster to manage tracking codes. This is mainly because Aesthetica has  multiple sidebars and this does not play nicely with sitemeter.  I am still looking for an ideal theme — there could be changes over the next day or so. As far as appearance is concerned, I have removed the background colour in the hope that it improves legibility. I’m also fiddling with the font (it should be Helvetica) and the link colour (bluish, not red).

I’ve added a new category to the blogroll: useful fools. These are generally not Christian, in fact at times quite anti-christian sites. Mad Mike is sort of a pagan, Charlie is a sort of atheist (their spouses appear to me more fervent).  Sarah Hoyt is a libertarian.

But they can write. Man, can they write.  This category gives me a place to link to this ain’t christian or something I would approve of but man this person is not boring. It will expand.


Theme is changed, again. All the links are at the bottom of the page, and you don’t need to double-click to read everything.