At work we are trying to find out just how easy it is to read some surveys.  As part of this, we looked up the SMOG index (Simple measure of Gobbleygook) . This is defined by Harry McLaughlan as

SMOG is easy to calculate using an approximate formula — count the words of 3 or more syllables in 3 samples of 10 sentences each, estimate the count’s square root, and add 3.

Now, from that site you can get a link to a calculator that will give you Flesch index, grade averages, and SMOG index. So, naturally, I checked the last four posts….  and the results to not surprise me. I tend to have to work to get clear english, particularly if you use a grade six level (which is what most people recommend for all the measures but SMOG — SMOG generally rates two grades up).

                     (US) Grade Levels
              Coleman-Lui Flesh-Kincaid SMOG
Do not fear   6.8         7.8          10.0
Vaterland     7.4         8.6          9.8
Sod the state 9.3         8.9          10.9
Cowards       7.9         8.2          10.2