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On the (aging) casualties of the market.

What Market? The mating one. Which exists. Only fools do not acknowledge this. And as we age, we become less attractive.

Consider the folk music scene. Today’s artist is Steeleye Span. The slides from this video were taken in 1974…. singing about an ugly witch (alison groves)

This is what they were like by the mid 1990s…. singing about a woman left on the shelf (old maid in the garret)

Amd this is later, but simply beautiful (the music… even though the voices are going) (Gaudete)

Young man and woman, gather your rosebuds as you may… for age hits everyone with the ugly stick.


While I’m considering folk music, this is the definitive version of Tam Lin: from Leige and Leif, Fairport Convention, Sandy Denny singing.

2 thoughts on "On the (aging) casualties of the market."

  • sis says:

    I like them, the old maid one was my favorite.

    • chrisgale says:

      There was some good hippy music. When I was young, this stuff repelled me — it was for the crusty pious hippies and punk was basically us telling them to go away — but some of the music from that time has held up.

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