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Recently I received a letter from a church I used to belong to about the minister who was there at the time I was a member. It’s a small church, they can only afford one minister. It seems that recently this minister has resigned from ministerial fellowship for having an "improper relationship" (a.k.a. sexual misconduct) with a member of the congregation of the church I was a member of. It was the second time during this minister’s career that something like this happened.

Okay, enough with writing about this in a genderless fashion. The minister was a lesbian. She also didn’t much like men as people. Too many of her sermons showed implicit or explicit criticism of straight white males, which is all too common in Unitarian churches. The only reason they wanted me was for my money, other than that I wasn’t even considered human. It gets unpleasant.

It’s all over the media when any male religious leader has any sort of sexual encounter (sometimes even a homosexual one) that could be considered improper, but women get a pass.

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