1. ray ray said:

    “Young man of God, you need to belong to a church”
    Young man of God, you do NOT need to belong to a “church”
    orgainized churches in the West, even those who claim adherence to the bible, are hopelessly corrupted by worldly influences — especially the obedience of “pastors” and “ministers” to the feminine imperatives that rule western civilization, and western “religion”
    attenting these false churches, and coming under the influence of their false pastors and fem-laity, will lead you AWAY from my holy God, not towards him
    churchian persons with existing social, economic, familial, and psychological invenstments in continuing the vast churchian scams in the West will, of course, want to continue Business as Usual, and claim that “their church” isn’t like all the others
    we are to gather together (in ANY way) to love, praise, and worship the Father and Son, and there is NO command anywhere that requires people to meet in buildings under authority of men (and women!) who have NO anointing from God, but set themselves up as spiritual leaders. . . or are appointed, and retained, by their community (i.e., by women collectively)
    God NEVER authorized these people to take leadership unto themselves — they are permitted ONLY to organize bible study, exegeses, and so forth — not to command from the pulpit, nor to raise themselves above the flock by fiat of their theological schools, or of their womenfolk
    to set oneself up falsely is rebellion against God, and offense against the Holy Spirit, by falsifying his choices
    flee to God, young man, and AWAY from the false churches, for the churchians within will bring you down into satan’s world with them

    January 5, 2013
    • chrisgale said:

      Ray, you are half right, and Okrahead commented at the Society of Phineas making the same point:

      How many churches today teach young women to

      1) Be obedient to their husbands?

      2) Be homemakers?

      3) Be sexually available for their husbands?

      4) Remain faithful until death to their marriage vows?

      5) Take care of their own children?

      If a woman is of even average looks but actually takes care of herself
      physically (bmi under 24) and is committed to all of these things AND
      maintains her sexual purity then she will have no shortage of Christian
      men who want to marry her.

      The problem is that the church is full of womyn who have been taught that

      1) Obedience is abuse

      2) Homemakers are failures

      3) Sex is a weapon to use against your husband

      4) Fidelity is until you find someone better

      5) Daycare is where your children go so you can keep your career.

      The womyn who follow this model, show up to church on Sunday with two or
      three little bastards in tow (or who have had multiple abortions), who
      have performed sex acts that would have been illegal a generation ago
      with double-digit numbers of men, and who are clinically obese yet
      honestly believe they are God’s gift to men and that any good Christian
      man would be lucky to have them. Why do they believe this? Because the
      ear ticklers in the pulpit are more interested in feeding happy
      hamsters than in dealing with the possible personal financial
      consequences of telling them the truth.

      The trouble is that there is no fellowship that does not have the weed of churchianity in it. None. Nowhere. And there probably has never been any — Paul had to tell the wimmenz to stop arguing in his letters. The reasons why I suggest the older, more traditional churches is that there are less ways and means for the modern heresies and ideologies to interfere with worship.

      As an aside, I am not, not, not, a fan of home groups. The smell of therapeutic manipulation. I am a fan of personal disciplines and habits of worship, individually and within families.

      The bigger error, in my view, is to not fellowship because the church is corrupt than it is to fellowship knowing that there will be corrupt people in the church. (I’m reformed. Did you expect me to argue otherwise?).

      January 5, 2013

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