Musings from Wing IV

Recently I received a letter from a church I used to belong to about the minister who was there at the time I was a member. It's a small church, they can only afford one minister. It seems that recently this minister has resigned from ministerial fellowship for having an "improper relationship" (a.k.a. sexual misconduct) … Continue reading Musings from Wing IV

Just for Captain Capitalism

This is what a real operating system looks like.   Since you have reported that the hipsters use crippled UNIX. and only a few use windows, I thought you needed reminding that there is a free option that has more powerful tools... for everything from fixing photos to statistical analysis for economists:-)


Now, for those of you who are not from NZ, this is a stressful time for parents of teenagers. The NCEA results are out. Kids sit these every year in senior school, and the system crashed, we forgot our password, and the results were good, but not as good as expected. The variability I saw … Continue reading Priorities