Dark Brightness

Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: January 7, 2013

Lightning and the pedestal

Let us start with this report from the Northern Territory (Australia) news. A SERPENTINE lightning strike has “blown the tits” off one man’s iconic tribute to Territory women. Literally. Stonemasonry boss Tom Finlay, 48, was standing 50m from his voluptuous hand-carved Venus de Milo when a flash of white light and an “almighty kaboom” sent […]

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On the new logo.

I have just deleted a commentary on the multiple changes in the site today. I have been trying to balance readabilty with  navigability. The last theme kept on sticking a post in a second column, or added ugly heads… So I moved to Aesthetica. And that allowed me to again use a logo. So I […]

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You cannot demand water be made wine.

  Yesterday we went to the local Anglican church, as we were on holiday. Now, the service had many fine points, but one incident stood out in my mind, and today, in another island, at work, I was reminded of it. This is a time of year when many people struggle. The shops lay off […]

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