Orwell’s daughter speaks.

An older woman delurks. You have got to love the older American woman: been there, done that, and is no longer afraid of any boss — what can they do to me?

[Why quote Orwell? Well, he wrote a novel against hypocrisy called keep the aspidistra flying, and loved plain English. Since her handle is apidistra, it seemed appropriate]

And not part of the herd, as her comment notes.

Well, I read about a third of the comments. Guys, women are bitches. I am so sorry to tell you, because I am a woman, but I don’t like women very much. Good ones are few and far between. I hate feminism, the fun is the difference, right? I really feel for you guys, because like some of you say….Everything was fine then after 3 kids and pulling together, she wasn’t haaaaaaaaaapy anymore. I think today’s divorce laws are immoral. It should cut both ways. Actually, it does, but most women don’t know or care that they have ripped their children’s father from them. Very, very sad.

I am extremely happily married. My husband does not make a lot of money, but he has always floated my boat. I have tremendous respect for him. We have an extremely wonderful ahem, private life, better than EVER. I still get hit on from time to time, enjoy it very much, but he’s my guy. I suggest you guys go to a small church to find a woman. Christian woman are not eaten up with feminism, not all of them anyway. I would think a larger church would attract some people looking for ‘cleaner’ partners. Don’t go there, it’s probably a meat market. Our culture has really turned to garbage. Good luck. PS I am 61 and we have been married 32 years. I know, you think I’m dead. Not hardly. Life is very good.

Well, yes, She has given up trying to compete, Because, as Alcest points out, feminism is about being high status…

Feminism in the Anglosphere (which is becoming the major strain of feminism due to globalization and the spread of the English language) is about entitled princesses (and their princes).


It strongly supports strong, independent, high-status women from the UMC (e.g. Upper-Middle Class) all the way to the elite. But most of all, it’s obsessed with high-status men (aka alphas) and will create sexual harassment suits against an average man because he’s not a demi god (preferably a full-blown god). Apparently, for these women, average men are creeps and rapists. They’re abusive, they’re strange, they’re simply evil.

I don’t think the illegitimacy rates and the death of marriage in the lower classes, which is starting to affect the middle classes, can simply be blamed on poverty or even lack of knowledge about human sexual reproduction. It’s stupidity, lack of future time orientation, race, marital chaos, poverty, lack of knowledge and other factors. Marriage will become the exception, rather than the rule, in the future due to the feminist exaltation of female CEOs and the few hyper-achieving women and the disregard for the middle-class girl who works at a middle-class profession.

In the manosphere we tend to fight against the very women who are oppressing 99% of men (those who are not CEOs or equivelent) and 90% of women (those who are not Upper Middle Class — UMC — or higher). We tend to forget, that outside that elite most people live quieter lives.

And that the elite is ephemeral: their policies change by the decade, and they are not to be trusted.

Which Orwell knew, and wrote about, sixty years ago.