Prayer Time

The Rott is not the world's most polite place. But Misha has this right. NZ needs this. I think America does too. realize that there are good Rotts who are non-believers. I also know that there are a lot of Rotts who DO believe, so I just wanted to share a verse. Non-believers are free … Continue reading Prayer Time

Theology in music.

Theology, of course, means the study of God. Everyone has a theology: the atheist fervently believes in the absence of God as much as the man fervently praying. So a bunch of Non Christian (TM) theological songs. Let's start with a Sufi (Richard Thompson) writing something covered by the great Norma Waterson. Nick Cave, like … Continue reading Theology in music.

Some thoughts on saving money in health.

One of the good things about the wayback machine is that I can recycle stuff that I lost. This was written in 2010 and nothing has changed.... I have worked in a variety of hospitals over the last 20 years. There has been increased money, and increased reporting to the Ministry of Health. This has … Continue reading Some thoughts on saving money in health.

Stress, possessions and crisis

  It is that odd time of the year for Antipodean academics. Because summer really starts around Christmas, this is the time when we have examinations to mark.  The way my department does it is that -- as we have three clinical schools -- you mark every third year. For all three schools. And this … Continue reading Stress, possessions and crisis

Girl game

Via Will S, with a hat tip to David Collard and to Cecilia (Alte?) who wrote it.  Will found it in the Way back machine. But given the questions about logic going around the web, it is about time it is put out there again. The original title has a double entendre, so here goes. … Continue reading Girl game