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Weekend reading.

Life is getting busy again. I am the official chauffeur for the family, and since the school term has started up various jobs need to be done or delegated daily. So instead of putting together a pile of comments here is a pile of links.


It’s not all about me, and it’s not all about you either.

A day in the life of a blogging housewife.

Badger Catholic

Paul Ryan’s Cross to Bear



Cutting leaders off at the knees.


New job data.

All your bodies are belong to us.

Equality Now!

Constant Prayer.

Elusive Wapati

The multi-gravidic survival advantage.

Dr Helen

No, women are not the second sex.

The men in Julia’s life.

Electric Angel

How Patriarchy crumbled by silent assent.

It’s “take your daughter to work” day!

Have a good weekend, everyone.



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