Visit to Hawea.

What we are dealing with is exhaustion. It is driven by a few things. I’m dealing with a system that is under considerable stress, and Robyn has to deal with me. Naturally, we are both night owls.

On holidays, I wake up sometime mid morning and then keep on going until 2 am. I do the same thing when I am approaching deadlines — but then I have to leave for work, so I generally have to be awake at six am. Robyn can sleep a little later.

Followed by working out after work, which keeps me awake til… late.

We did do well in the gym — hitting close to maximal numbers at strict press sessions.

That leads to eating precisely what I ought not to.

So this weekend we went to Hawea.

The week had led to overeating and weight gain, in my case. Three hours of leaf picking up, and eating but twice a day, Led to Robyn losing 1.5 kg. I dropped a kilo over the weekend, but am 800 grams up for the week.

This week we are concentrating on recovery and self tissue release. And sleep

And practicing arts such as music, photography, and reminding ourselves to breathe, centre and pray.

The first old post.

This is the first post from the old site.

When I met Robyn, she weighed 25 kg — 55 pounds more than she does now. She has dropped from size 18 to size 12.
How has she done this? By making changes.
Small changes.
With big results.
And some mistakes along the way: some of the things I can do she cannot, and there are things she can do I cannot. I’m the slowest and oldest geek in our gym, hence the name
Along the way, she’s learned quite a bit. This blog is about that journey, if you want to know more, then she’s will be willing to share the details.
— The Geek.

The old posts will go up over the next few days.

Robyn 2016

Well, a bad week.

This site is now back up (I think) after a lot of help from A2 hosting. The week has been dominated by Chris being ill. I had a viral illness and then it induced the first severe asthma attack I have had for about two years.

My walk distance has shrunk, and I’ve not been able to go to crossfit. However, my weight is down 1 kilo and my belt is in another inch.


The crossfit pyramid


I am avoiding simple carbohydrates as much as I can. This means missing the “white food”

  • Bread
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Milk

The white foods I’m eating a little of are:

  • Rice
  • Coconut
  • Califlour

And I’m trying to be meat — or at least red meat — free at least two days a week.

If all I do is exercise intensely I won’t lose weight. You have to get enough low intensity volume in and then add the high intensity work. Which means that unless I am able to do a slow jog tomorrow afternoon I won’t hit crossfit on Monday.


What happened here.

There used to be two sites:  one open and one closed. That was too complicated.

So we set this up again.

This site is about fitness, food and fun: we need to eat correctly to be able to have enough aerobic capacity and strength to enjoy the fun available. For where we live and visit there is much to do outside.

Chris and Robyn