This is my second blog. My other blog, dark brightness, is about more general things. One of my hobbies is shooting photos.

Since I use linux, the workflow to getting pictures is a little different.

  1. Pull the card from the DSLR. Use rawtherapee to produce .tiffs at maximum quality. Correct exposure…. OR
  2. Get scanned DVD back from the last film that was developed, with the slides.
  3. Load high quality image into GIMP.
  4. Add watermark, crop to 1054 wide, turn into .png
  5. Upload to website — saving space.

Current equipment:

Nikon D3000 DSLR kit.  Voightlander Bessa R with F3.5 summaron 35 mm lens and Elmar 90 mm lens, and my Android cellphone.