Mick’s place.

In October, Robyn and I visited our friend Mick. He lives in a house above Lake Hawea. It was spectacular.

Nikon D800, Darktable, multiple filters, Voightlander 21 mm f4.0, Nikon f1.4 50 mm

Rainbow. blossoms, Lake.

Normal lens, during a walk (with rain showers) around Lake Hawea.

Nikon d800, darktable, and yes, I have taken multiple photos of one of those caravans….

Inner harbour

These photos were taken by the ricoh GXR that lives in my work bag a couple of weeks ago when I had ten minutes on a very windy day to get to the very end of Dunedin Harbour

Processed in Apple photos.

The outer harbour.

I was using, primarily, in this a very wide angle lens — a Voightlander 21mm F 3.5 Color Skopar. The processing, as usual, is from raw in Darktable.

Nikon d800: the Glenfalloch shots were done without a tripod. The other camera in the bag is the Mamiya 7, and when I process and scan more film there should be some good shots from it.

First go, New55 monobath.

I shot two rolls of film: this one, which is on Ultrafine 400 film, and developed them with New55 r3 Monobath. As I was going out (to shoot more stuff) I diluted this 1:10 and then let it sit for 50 minutes. I got a moderate result with this on this film, which looked cloudy… but scanned up fairly well.


Fujifilm GSW 690 6×9 medium format camera, scanned using Epson V800 scanner, and some processing post scan

Blueskin bay, 50 mm Nikon F1.4

There was a market day at Blueskin Bay. I took the D800. It is at present a pain to shoot as the computer seems to put a huge delay into the shutter activation. It is early summer here, and the place is an unusual hue: green — summers are usually dry, but this one has been very wet.


The delay is because I managed to get the focus software to both be area and point and thus conflicting. resolving that worked: Test shot in the backyard, monochrome via Darktable