Sunday at the inlet.

I packed lightish: D800, 85 mm f 1.8 Nikkor, and 20 mm Voightlander f 4.5. I regretted bringing a longer zoom, as there was considerable bird life. These are the shots from a one hour walk.

Processed in Darktable.

Seals, beach, fog.

In autumn the seals spend a fair amount of time on the Peninsula Beach.

Nikon D800, Darktable

Pohutukawa and other flowers (and a cat)

We are in the process of unpacking, including pulling out the cameras. The Pro Photographer is thinking of when to upgrade her cameras. I am not. I’m still using a D800 as the main camera. Today I put on a second hand, ugly zoom (that was bought off a press photographer, with the hood held together by duct tape) and took it out into the rain, and shot all the photos but the one of the cat.

I was trying to get shots of the Pohutukawa flowers. This “The New Zealand Christmas Tree” normally flowers around Christmas. It is flowering a month late, even in the South: we are having a miserable summer, with snow on the hills in what should be the warmest time of the year. But the roses like it.

Slightly different processing: photos were imported using rapid photo downloader, which is lighter and faster, and then processed in Darktable. D800, F2.8 70 – 200 zoom.

Mick’s place.

In October, Robyn and I visited our friend Mick. He lives in a house above Lake Hawea. It was spectacular.

Nikon D800, Darktable, multiple filters, Voightlander 21 mm f4.0, Nikon f1.4 50 mm

Rainbow. blossoms, Lake.

Normal lens, during a walk (with rain showers) around Lake Hawea.

Nikon d800, darktable, and yes, I have taken multiple photos of one of those caravans….

Seaweed, Doctor’s Point, High Tide.

The Sunday walk was foreshortened by stones, deep and cold water (I managed to get a thorn through my foot and waded for a bit to manage the pain) and kelp.

d800, processed in Darktable, primarily 85 mm Nikkor 1.8.

The outer harbour.

I was using, primarily, in this a very wide angle lens — a Voightlander 21mm F 3.5 Color Skopar. The processing, as usual, is from raw in Darktable.

Nikon d800: the Glenfalloch shots were done without a tripod. The other camera in the bag is the Mamiya 7, and when I process and scan more film there should be some good shots from it.


One lens (short telephoto). And one lens on a medium format camera: this will be revisited with analog when I can work out how to import C 41 chemicals.