Last weekend, this weekend.

I made a mistake today. I did not put a camera in the car when we were going for a walk, The phone then decided to freeze, so this is all I got.

However, last Sunday and Saturday I did carry a camera. It helps: particularly when chasing light. In this case, all were taken with a D800

First set taken with Motorola X phone: second set with D800, processed in Darktable

Hugin, Micro 4/3, and panorama stitching.

I am back in Dunedin from my holiday, and have a couple of Panoramas to share. Firstly, I stitched these using Hugin. All shots were taken with an Olympus Om-10, and in this stitch (From four photos) I was using a 14 mm lens. The files were saved as jpegs, and the 36 MP .tiff file that Hugin generated has been downsized to a 2000 pixel .png in Darktable.

I took the shots on the 30th December in Howick, when the tide was out, on a track that follows an inlet.

PC301001 - PC301004_fused

And here is one at Lake Hawea, on New Year’s Day.

P1011015 - P1011017_fused

Duder’s beach, analog, East Auckland.

Screenshot - 150214 - 10:00:49

To help those who do not know, Duder’s Beach is one of those few places in East Auckland that is fairly deserted even in summer.

Photos were developed by Film Soup. The files you are seeing are extracted from a contact sheet scan. Voightlander Bessa, Ukrainian lens (from the Arsenal, Keiv)


Yes, these are 35 mm. I’m attaching the scanned contact sheet.112-27-3

Wide angle wrecked.


Most of these photos were taken with at 20 mm lens and you can see clear distortion in the frames with marked changes in angles. The old garage (the concrete block building) is abandoned and for sale, the wooden building is part of a working farm.

Around Warrington, North of Dunedin.





Towards Osborne

A couple of quick points: the first is that (since this in my blog) I have increased the maximum size of this. It is not full size. Secondly, this is the shot I took when I turned around.

Always turn around.


New Lenses I: Voightlander 20 SLII

This is a manual focus lens with electronics for the Nikon. I got it from Steve Gandy. It arrived in NZ within a week of ordering: no hassles, with box and all the bits. Yesterday the weather was good and Mike and I went driving. These two photos are basically uncorrected, just transferred to jpeg from RAW by Darktable



Auckland II

Yes, there are trees in Auckland, even in the densely populated and industrial areas around upper Queen St.

Yes, the road is steep: the photos are level.



Birds (Orakanui)

First day of spring so we went for about an hour’s walk in the ecosanctuary. The birds in the photos are riroriro and kaka.




Taken with the D800, 80-200 f 2.8 zoom, generally between F2.8 and F4, hence shallow DOF.


These are taken with the Nikon V1, inner harbour basin, Dunedin, using the stock 30 — 100 mm zoom.