A mamiya 7, Dunedin Harbour.

I’m moving and all the darkoom stuff is in storage. So these are downloaded from the Darkroom site: one roll of 120, shot with a Mamiya 7ii, no processing.

PMK and walk.

I took some Agfa Retro 400 film to Lake Hawea last week. When I got back, I pulled out my PMK Pyro from Photographer’s Formulary and TP-4 Archival Fix.

A quick word on technique. Firstly, get distilled water. The simplest place for this is the bottled water section of the supermarket. Get the biggest bottle you can afford. Once you have loaded the film onto the reels and it is safely in the daylight tank, fill the tank with distilled water, tap, invert and leave while you get the PMK together. Then pour it out, insert the PMK, and invert.

I developed this film for 12 minutes, inverting for the first minuet and 10 -15 seconds every second minute.

Then remove PMK, rinse with distilled water, and add Tp-4. I gave that three minutes, then rinse again, then hung the film to dry.


Anyway, the pictures.

Post processed in Darktable, primarily by shrinking files.

St Kilda, Sunset, Ektar.

This is what happens when I have to cool down from an argument. I go somewhere by myself. In this case, St Kilda beach, on a cold spring evening, as the sun set.

C41 (Kodak Ektar) film: Mamiya 7 with 54 mm lens: processed and scanned by Reatha at Film Soup.

Slide and nonslide goodness from Film Soup.

There are a series of Velvia and Portia shots here — that is some C41 (which is more tolerent of lousy exposure) and some e6 slide film (which has to be exact). All developed and scanned by Reatha. It includes some of my learning curve shots on the Mamiya — and some shots that pushed it beyond the limits of the film and I have had to post process in Lightzone.

Thanks again to Reatha, and can I remind everyone that she does a superb job with the film — the lousy images are my doing :-). And she needs help with gear. From her Kickstarter update.

One week into our funding and we are quarter of the way to the $8500.00 we need to fix Marvin and get a new machine so that Marvin can become a backup.

This weekend I’m going to be out and about in Wellington taking some special images to add as rewards. Hopefully we can give it a bit of a boost. In the coming weeks I will put out some fun and very special rewards for filmies too that I’m sure you will love!

We still have a long way to go so all your help promoting and sharing the Kickstarter is super appreciated.

Mamiya 7, using Velvia 100 and Portia 160: post processing in Lightzone.

Ektar and a Mamiya.

THis is basically the second film that went through the Mamiya 7. I was shooting Ektar, which has a bit more tolerence for brutality, and using the wide angle lens, but without, obviously, any filters. On a very gray day, on signal hill.

All photos scanned and processed by Reatha Kenny at Film Soup, and then reduced in size and turned into pngs in Rawtherapee.