Juniper and Adelaide.

Juniper is one of my cats and the mother of the others, and the Photog looked at that photo on the ricoh GXR and considered it good. The other photos were taken with a Nikon One, in Adelaide. All processing in lightroom.

And yes, those birds are black swans.

Walking to work and such. (Nikon V3 raw file decoding)

Nikon, for reasons that are apparent only to themselves, use .NEF files for coding RAW and these vary between cameras. When new cameras come out it takes some time for the software people to get good at decoding the raw files. In particular dcraw, which is an extremely good raw converter, takes some time.

So I’m taking the photos I shot over the last couple of days using the Nikon V3 and using lightroom, which has just been updated, and handles these files better. All shot using a wide angle (10mm f2.8) lens, generally wide open.

No colour correction or processing, basically out of the camera and coded. Dunedin is pretty in late spring.

Destroyed Cameras: rescued files.

A couple of days ago a drink bottle leaked into my work bag (which is waterproof) and I found that both of my day to day cameras were soaked. Both are now frozen and unusable. I may be able to get the Voighlander bessa repaired, because it is basically manual, but the Nikon one is toast.

Hoowever, the SD card was not toast, and I was able to extract the last files from this, which are worthwhile sharing.

Nikon V1, 18.5 mm lens. Processed in Lightroom

Wakari evening, and other stuff.

Taken yesterday, at dusk, with the light reflecting of the local substation. Nikon one, Normal lens.



In the meantime, Film Soup is struggling with getting their automated machine which is used for C-41 (colour negative) printing running and it looks like they could be running a Kickstarted for this. So the film is being stacked in the fridge at the moment.


The final picture, like the film, comes from the cellphone, and has no technical merit. The light, however, was good.


Harbour dawn


You always look for the light. And in these days when you can easily get a 20 MP 1″ sensor (as in the Sony RX100 III) you have to remember that the older cameras still pack a bunch.

Nikon one, normal lens, processed to black and white in Lightroom.

Crossprocessing clouds [Nikon one]

One of the recent sunset periods included the sun illuminating the underside of the clouds. I took some photos with the Nikon one using a wide angle lens. I have processed these i8n Lightroom to emphasise the colours.

Winter Solstice, Auckland.

I was in Auckland over the weekend with a medium format camera and the Ricoh GXR, tuned for Landscapes.  The very slow exposures were done with a Fuji GW690 on a tripod, but I did take some backup shots digitally during the golden hour during the winter solstice.


Ricoh GXR, Processed in  Lightroom

Digital Cross developing Nikon one files in lightroom 5.

Lightroon five has some interesting presents including some that imitate cross developing of slide film. I’ve taken some recent shots — mainly at sunset or dawn, when there was colour in the sky, and cross developed them, using my Nikon V1