Hong Kong Day Two

In which we caught a ferry.

I got obsessed with the way trees were reinforced and sculptures on the roof of the IFC tower

Hongkong: green concrete.

I use a Nikon V1 when travelling, along with my Bessa R. I make no apologies for this. The film from these trips is yet to be developed, but I have just loaded over 500 shots into Darktable (and Yes, Thom, I did not take my charger and the Battery is still OK).

Some notes.

1. I should have taped the rotating dial for film down: I wanted shots.
2. The multifocusing as another use — you can use the squares as a spirit level.
3. This thing is not really set up for landscape. Which is (obviously) what I do a lot of. However, all my lenses and the film camera fit in a small bag and weigh less than my DSLR body with three primes (20 mm, 35, 85).
4. I ended up using the zooms a lot more than I thought I would.

But onto photos. Hong Kong appears ugly from a distance, but the locals respect anything green.