Last weekend, this weekend.

I made a mistake today. I did not put a camera in the car when we were going for a walk, The phone then decided to freeze, so this is all I got.

However, last Sunday and Saturday I did carry a camera. It helps: particularly when chasing light. In this case, all were taken with a D800

First set taken with Motorola X phone: second set with D800, processed in Darktable

Snowball in the dark.

People say the Xpro one is not good at autofocus and low light. But… one of my contacts is chipped, leaving me unable to focus manually. Our black cat decided to visit a room where my son and I were.

This is done using autofocus, at F 1.4, 35 mm lens. It is cropped. And it was autofocus. The eye is in focus… not much else.

But this is snowball the cat at ISO 6400 with a now old camera.


So folks, don’t be scared to buy the old models or keep on using them. Processed in darktable to 16 bit png.

Why I have stayed with the Nikon one series, and a walk up a steep hill.

After the V1 died I had some options. One was to do nothing… but there were some errors. Cameras belong in their own waterproof sacks, particularly when you are carrying them around every day. I hope that I have not ruined the lens on it. So, after checking the prices around I ended up ordering a V3 from Lahood Cameras. The NZ price is for the US style kit with all the bits I want (the Viewfinder) and bits I will probably try and then leave off (the grip). It means I do not need to replace the collection of primes I have. And it means I can use my nikkor lenses on this camera to reach further, particularly since (thanks Thom Hogan for this hint) Really Right Stuff make a camera plate that will work with an Swiss Acra style head.

Because if you are going after birds, and that is the killer app of this camera, you need a tripod. You will be functionally using 100 to 400 mm of zoom (I have a 200 mm zoom: that is 540 mm at f 3.6 on this machine, and I have 300 mm (810 mm effective) on my other big zoom).

But that is on order. After playing viola all last weekend I have got out in the freezing cold yesterday with the Leica M6 for 1 1/2 film, and have just been up a steep, hard hill to a lake with the son.

I carried the d 800, with a 85 mm F 2 Nikkor and a 20 mm Voightlander Skopar. In a carry sack: the son carried the tripod. Here are some shots from today.

Nikon d800. Minimal processing from Raw in Darktable.

Ektar and a Mamiya.

THis is basically the second film that went through the Mamiya 7. I was shooting Ektar, which has a bit more tolerence for brutality, and using the wide angle lens, but without, obviously, any filters. On a very gray day, on signal hill.

All photos scanned and processed by Reatha Kenny at Film Soup, and then reduced in size and turned into pngs in Rawtherapee.

Garden experiments

I was using the 50 mm macro lens on the Ricoh GXR. Technically, this is a 16 MP sensor, about APS-C size, attached to a high quality lens. It is fairly inflexible, and probably needs a tripod — which is a reason that I will be moving to an Arca swiss system and getting plates for everything.

But the landscape view was directly behind the flower. Ricoh GXR, 50 mm macro, processed in Darktable: 16 bit png files.