Sunday at the inlet.

I packed lightish: D800, 85 mm f 1.8 Nikkor, and 20 mm Voightlander f 4.5. I regretted bringing a longer zoom, as there was considerable bird life. These are the shots from a one hour walk.

Processed in Darktable.

Seals, beach, fog.

In autumn the seals spend a fair amount of time on the Peninsula Beach.

Nikon D800, Darktable


I have held off on processing these for a while. The issue I had was sunlight: I was either in full sun or (since the Koalas sensibly sought the shade) in the dark and having to crank the iso up to get a sharpish image. These ones seemed to work.

Nikon v3 with 10 -100 zoom: Processed Darktable

Pohutukawa and other flowers (and a cat)

We are in the process of unpacking, including pulling out the cameras. The Pro Photographer is thinking of when to upgrade her cameras. I am not. I’m still using a D800 as the main camera. Today I put on a second hand, ugly zoom (that was bought off a press photographer, with the hood held together by duct tape) and took it out into the rain, and shot all the photos but the one of the cat.

I was trying to get shots of the Pohutukawa flowers. This “The New Zealand Christmas Tree” normally flowers around Christmas. It is flowering a month late, even in the South: we are having a miserable summer, with snow on the hills in what should be the warmest time of the year. But the roses like it.

Slightly different processing: photos were imported using rapid photo downloader, which is lighter and faster, and then processed in Darktable. D800, F2.8 70 – 200 zoom.


Using the Fuji XPro. Some street, some macro, flowers and street.

Fuji X Pro 1, files are 4000 on long side pngs, from Darktable

An aside. As Film Soup is defunct and my scanner is in storage, I’m sending a bunch of stuff to California, where the Darkroom exists. Will get the scans back on a USB stick.


I have been doing other things, mainly house related, and now that a very busy time has finished I was able to get into the hills today and take some photos. Of a weed: gorse is considered noxious in New Zealand

Fuji XPro 1, Darktable, with photos translated to .png and then downsized in WordPress.

PMK and walk.

I took some Agfa Retro 400 film to Lake Hawea last week. When I got back, I pulled out my PMK Pyro from Photographer’s Formulary and TP-4 Archival Fix.

A quick word on technique. Firstly, get distilled water. The simplest place for this is the bottled water section of the supermarket. Get the biggest bottle you can afford. Once you have loaded the film onto the reels and it is safely in the daylight tank, fill the tank with distilled water, tap, invert and leave while you get the PMK together. Then pour it out, insert the PMK, and invert.

I developed this film for 12 minutes, inverting for the first minuet and 10 -15 seconds every second minute.

Then remove PMK, rinse with distilled water, and add Tp-4. I gave that three minutes, then rinse again, then hung the film to dry.


Anyway, the pictures.

Post processed in Darktable, primarily by shrinking files.