Harrington Point, Bronica.

These scans were the surprise of the film. Some shots did not have enough contrast, and these were generally underexposed… but there is something about them I like.

Ultrafine 400 film, Pyro PMK developer, scanned and cross coded with Shotwell.

Palmeston and a Bronica.

Ultrafine 400 film, PMK Pyro developer (with some errors) and cut down with shotwell. The railway yard at Palmeston, Otago.

The joys of scanning.

Well, I managed to get the scanner working. Main problem is not the software — I am using Epson’s iscan which works perfectly well on fedora based linuxes — but finding the second unlock on the scanner so it would work.

The film is chinese iso 400 cheap stuff, I used the Bronica to shoot with, and PMK as described. The shots were basically then downsized in shotwell.

I have blown some shots out completely, so the first lesson is to carry a real lightmeter on every trip and not rely on the phone app…